Posted on April 14, 2016

UNT’s Walk A Mile in Her Shoes Receives Unwarranted Backlash


Walk A Mile in Her Shoes, a march to raise awareness against domestic violence and sexual assault, was held in Union 333 on Monday with many unbelievable misogynistic comments surrounding it.

The awareness campaign, put on by the University Program Council, was intended for male students to walk approximately one mile in high heels in order to show support for women who have been assaulted in any way. UPC received several remarks from Twitter accounts saying things like, “this gay,” “come on man smh,” and perhaps most notably, “Instead of wearing heels y’all should get jumped by dudes wearing wife beaters.”

Sophomore and social media coordinator for UPC Josh Lawson, who handles the social media channels for the organization, said he is appalled [by the responses]. “I was taken aback. It surprised me that that many people would would say those misogynistic comments online for everyone to see,” Lawson said. “But you can’t really change everyone’s mindsets. We can just give them information on why we’re doing it.”

And that’s what UPC did. Despite the negative comments, they remained in high spirits and still put on a successful, informative event. The producer of the event and education coordinator for UPC, Madison Meehan, said the event wasn’t a failure by any means.

“People are always going to have bad remarks. All anybody needs to pay attention to are the positive comments,” Meehan said.

And almost everyone did. The event raised awareness throughout the Union and rallied a lot of positive responses from the students in the Union and on the Internet alike. UNT isn’t alone, either. There are different awareness campaigns online like #YesAllWomen and Everyday Sexism that bright light to sexual assault issues. We hope that one day misogynistic comments like these will be ended. But, until then, we will walk and talk until awareness is spread.

*If you or someone you know needs help or just someone to talk to about sexual assault, you can contact UNT Survivor Advocate Renee LeClaire McNamara at 940-565-2648 or go to Sycamore Hall to speak with a counselor or therapist.

Photo courtesy of Frank Baird for Walk A Mile In Her Shoes International

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