Posted on April 2, 2016

Troy Garrick x OG Garden Take On Battle of the Bands

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Troy Garrick x OG Garden is only two months old and they’ve already won the Battle of the Bands competition. More impressively, said competition was their first gig as a band and, from what we can tell, there is only one thing to say to sum them up: they’re dang good.

The band is fronted by singer and junior RTVF major Troy Garrick and backed up by six (six!) other ~talented~ musicians: sophomore Kurtis Shaffer plays the saxophone and electronic wind instrument, freshman Patrick Hill also plays the saxophone, freshman Hunter Strasser plays the guitar, freshman Byron Crenshaw plays the bass guitar, freshman Micah Ritchie plays the drums, and sophomore Joey Listrom plays the keyboard. And to top it all off, they are all music majors. *Exhales* Did you get all of that? 

Even though they are new to the game, they have big plans and high hopes for the future.

“Our ambition gave us intentions of doing big gigs,” Garrick said. “We knew we would need to start local to shake out the nerves so we could get other gigs outside of campus and in Denton.”

Garrick and the Garden boys had the entire audience grooving with them as they sung contemporary style R&B. They say they pull inspiration from artists like Miguel, Kehlani and Frank Ocean. And if you heard Garrick’s voice and their style of play, you’d definitely agree. They perform mostly covers of R&B songs, but have a couple of originals under their belt and a few more that they are working on.

When asked about how they got their name, the boys broke out into half laughter, half yelling about a local Asian food restaurant called Oriental Garden. Hence the OG. Add another “garden” in there and you’re golden.

The group said they started the band just to play together and make music, but “things sounded too good from the start” to not try and play gigs, as Garrick put it.

Despite competing against three other great bands at the competition, it’s no surprise that our Garden boys won first place. They jammed smoothly, vibing off of one another in a way that gave off the appearance they’ve been together for a lot longer than two months, which is why we were surprised to learn that wasn’t the case.

“We only just started playing with each other. Tonight was our first gig” said Shaffer. “We are so excited.”

In honor of winning, the band is now slotted for a 45-minute set at North by North Texas, a UNT-run music festival taking place on April 29.

Thursday night’s competition and first ever performance, was “planting the seed” as OG Garden likes to say.

And, boy, do we hope that seed grows into a beautiful garden.

You can follow Troy Garrick x OG Garden on Twitter and on Instagram to stay in the loop on upcoming events.

Photo by: Zuri Bradley

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