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RoomHate: 9 Times You Hated Your BFF Roommate

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Sharing a room with your best friend can be both the best and worst decision of your life. The commonplace idea that “you never really know someone unless you’ve…” is sometimes overused, but when put into context of having a roommate, it couldn’t be more true. You never really know someone until you’ve lived with them.

There are tons of great things about sharing a room, apartment or house with your best friend, including spontaneous dance parties, 2 a.m. What-A-Burger stops and late night Harry Potter movie marathons. Who else knows every single detail about you and doesn’t mind watching you cry about the same guy for the thousandth time that day?

Our roommates are our judge-free safe havens, but no matter how much fun you and your roomie may have, sharing a living space with someone can quickly become one of the most frustrating things you will ever experience. Everyone handles other’s quirks differently.

1. They dress like you

If you live with the same person for long periods of time, accidental twinning is bound to happen. You wake up one morning and get dressed…only to look over and see that your roomie is wearing the same pair of jeans, white converse, and t-shirt with a baseball hat. Everyone will ask if you matched intentionally to be cute. The answer is no. The best excuse you can come up with is that you’ve lived together so long you basically think the same way.

2. They leave the lights on

Okay, no. You’re not paying the power bill if you’re in a dorm, but sometimes a girl just wants to nap in a cave. No matter how badly you may need this pre-test nap, they also need the lights on to “study.” Bye.

3. They always borrow your things

Borrow in this case is a synonym for “taking,” as in they frequently take your things without asking. You basically share closets. Those new shoes you just treated yourself to with your latest paycheck are taking a nice stroll on the Square without you. But that’s okay, because her new Kylie Jenner lip kit was left unattended and is calling your name. It’s give and take.

4. People always associate the two of you as one

Okay, you can’t really “hate” him or her for this, but people are so used to seeing you two together that when you aren’t side-by-side they’re wondering where your other half is. If you so much as go to check the mail on your own, everyone will be asking where they are or whether or not you two are fighting. You do everything together.

5. They eat your snacks

Sharing is caring, but food is an exception. When you live together, it’s common for little things like a piece of gum or a granola bar to go missing. Because you can’t really remember who bought what anyway, so it’s not that big of a deal— unless it’s your double stuffed Oreos. No one touches those.

6. Chores are a hassle

Most people would think that having two people together would mean less work, cleaning wise. Wrong. It means more strands of hair on the floor and twice as much ramen in the trash. And whose turn was it to wash the dishes again? Neither of you will ever know for sure.

7. Different sleep schedules suck

If you and your roommate have different sleep schedules, that can cause a lot of sleep-deprived issues. If they have early morning classes or just like to get up early, then they are most likely waking you up from some much-needed sleep. After hearing their billionth alarm, you’re probably more awake than they are—so much for sleeping in today. Then there are those days when you have an 8 a.m. and they are happily sleeping away while you stub your toe in the dark for the tenth time that morning. Life just isn’t fair.

8. When they are always home

Sometimes you just need some time to yourself. Spending practically every waking moment with someone can eventually be too much, especially if you both have the same friends and classes. If they are always in the room, you may find yourself dreading coming back home. No matter how much you love them, the occasional space is a necessary thing.

9. When they aren’t home

As much as you may need space sometimes, other times you just can’t wait to see them. Nothing is worse than coming home with a boatload of stories about the creepy guy in your calculus class, only to find an empty room. Your BFF roommate is the one person who doesn’t judge you for failing your quiz after a night of ordering pizza and wasting time. When they aren’t there, it’s like a part of you is missing as well.

Despite how close the two of you may be, every now and then we have all gotten a little pissed with our roommate. Living with someone can be tough, but most of the time their weird quirks and vexing habits are outweighed by all of the joy they bring us. Who else motivates us to get our projects done, go to the gym and maybe not spend $250 on that one purse you’ll never carry?

At the end of the day, your roommate and best friend won’t judge you for wearing the same pair of jeans twice in a row and will always be down for a heart to heart. Their quirks are things we can definitely live with (or are at least something we are comfortable enough to talk to them about.)

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