Posted on March 29, 2016

If You Haven’t Seen UNT’s Art Galleries, You’re Missing Out

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Between its music scene and prime study spots, it’s no secret UNT has its share of hidden treasures, and art is no exception. Get ready for your a-ha moment, y’all. In case you live under a rock, our beloved university has three art galleries featuring many talented artists around campus: the Lightwell Gallery, located in the Art Building; the Cora Stafford Gallery, located in Oak Street Hall; and the Union Gallery, located in the Union (who would have guessed?). If you want to get to know your school and your peers a little better, hit up the galleries in between classes. 10/10 would definitely recommend.

Want to keep up with the upcoming shows in each of these galleries? Here is an updated list so you can visit each exhibition throughout the semester. 
You can also click here to see an in-depth description of each show on the gallery’s website as it comes closer to the exhibition date.

Lightwell Gallery:

March 30-April 2

Professional Practices—Graduates

April 6-April 9


April 13-April 16

I just want 2 sleep—BFA group show by Shane Pevehouse & Kathleen Coming

April 20-April 23


April 27- April 30


May 4-May 7

Interior Design

May 11-May 14

Communication Design—Seniors

Cora Stafford Gallery:

March 30-April 2

Hybrid Forms

April 6-April 9

Scott Jenkins—MFA Drawing and Painting

April 13-April 16

New Media—Senior Graduates

April 20-April 23


April 27-April 30


May 4-May 7

Drawing and Painting—Seniors

May 11-May 14

Julie Libersat—MFA New Media

Union Gallery:

April 4-April 8

Denton ISD honors UNT’s 125th Anniversary

April 11-April 16

Wingspan Week: A Photographic History of UNT

April 18-May 2

UNT Union Student Art Competition

May 3-May 25

Belonging—Artists, Bumin Kim, Yuni Lee, and Jieun Lim create works which emphasize the use of oil paint, string, thread, wire, cable ties, holi powder and fabrics.

Click here to see the pieces of this exhibition on sale and read more about the artists themselves.

Photo by: Abby Pfaff

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