Posted on April 4, 2016

Hit the Books: The Best Places To Study On Campus

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You walk out of the GAB after a day full of classes with at least six hours of homework and studying left to do. All you want to do is nap, but instead of going home to watch Netflix and descend into a catatonic state, you bite the bullet and decide to be productive for a change.

Naturally the next question is where all this work is going to take place. Schoolboy Q has his studio, Dexter: his laboratory, and students: their respective study spaces. There are several answers, however, some options are simply better than others, for a variety of reasons.

Willis Library 

The most logical answer; after all, it is a library. Willis has a wide variety of resources such as laptops, chargers, desks, group tables, study rooms and it’s open 24 hours during the week. Willis is undoubtedly the best answer, right? Well, not exactly. Certain parts of Willis are for certain types of students and certain levels of productivity.

The first and second floors are loud. Most upperclassmen know those floors are the go to if you want to socialize rather than study. The only thing cooler than a 4.0 is being seen by anyone and everyone “trying” to get a 4.0. Avoid these floors if you want to get anything done.

The third floor is one of the best places to study on campus. It isn’t too loud, and isn’t so quiet that you find yourself losing grasp on reality or tensing up at the drop of a pencil. The only problem with the third floor is the lack of outlets. If you have reading to do, the third floor of Willis is prime, but if you need to use a computer, it might not be your best option.

The basement and fourth floor are for a special kind of soulless specimen that hasn’t seen sunlight since UNT won its last football game. If you are missing all the fun of Halloween, do yourself a favor and walk around the basement of Willis a few times. Some say that if you focus hard enough, you can see souls exiting the bodies of those who are three days deep into an organic chemistry cram session.

GAB lab

This is a hidden gem of a study area. The GAB is located in the middle of campus and has a computer lab on the third floor with enough space at each desk to shelve your entire library of overpriced textbooks. It’s always quiet and relatively full, so you don’t feel like you’re the only one who has to go through the hellacious routine of missing out on “the best years of your life” as you dive deeper into your subject matter (that has absolutely nothing to do with your major). People just want to feel included, ya know?

The downside of the GAB is the food and drinks policy. The staff is pretty strict when it comes to what you can have in the lab. If it doesn’t have a secure lid, you’re out of luck. If it even resembles food, lose it. But if you can ignore your growling stomach for a few hours, the GAB is optimal.

Literally any local coffee shop

Denton is home to at least 15 quality coffee shops. Coffee shops have a cool, carefree vibe. That, coupled with caffeine, will have you speeding through your homework. Most of the time they have free Wi-Fi and adequate space to spread out and get to work. If you’re an on-campus resident without a car, Big Mike’s is a block north of campus and has some of the coolest baristas around. Jupiter House is also a solid choice if you’re privileged enough to make the Denton Square your destination. For 10/10 hipster vibes, hit up West Oak Coffee Bar

Regardless of wherever you choose, remember why you are there. Instead of cuddling your cat, shoving pizza down your gullet and binge watching whichever show you’re currently hooked on, you chose to study, so make the most of that time. You are in college to learn, so get off Twitter and get to it.

Photo by: Huy Tran

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