Posted on April 27, 2016

Annoying Things You Should NEVER Do In Class

Student Life

Hey you, dude who showed up to class 30 minutes late and left 15 minutes early, this one is for you.

Being a college student is challenging. Balancing class, social life, work and sleep (while closely monitoring your bank account to see if you can splurge and get a medium fry instead of a small) is challenging.

As the semester draws to a close, students will scramble back to class in an effort to save their GPA. They will be tired. They will be irritable. The last thing they need is something (or someone) in class frustrating them.

We all have that one thing someone does in class, something as simple as bobbing a leg, borrowing a pen and not giving it back or something much more aggravating. But, we all have that one thing.

If you do any of these, please, put your phone down and revaluate your life.

Showing up late

This is incredibly discourteous and it’s really sad how often it happens.

Class has finally settled into place with the professor rolling into a nice lecture. And then the floodgates open. Seemingly, every 30 seconds someone opens the door and pours into lecture. Late.

There is a huge difference between being five minutes late and sauntering in 25 minutes before class is dismissed. More often than not, those students who are five minutes late quietly make their way to the back of the class, trying their hardest not to disrupt proceedings.

So why is it that those arriving halfway into class are the ones bursting through the doors to pick the middle seat of the most congested row? THERE ARE ROWS OF EMPTY SEATS IN THE BACK, BUDDY.

I have no idea if this is a desperate plea for attention or some people are legitimately that rude. Just stay home if you are going to be that late. Most attendance policies allow for at least one unexcused absence.

Packing up early

Look, we pay a lot of money for these classes. That professor lecturing? Might want to pay attention and idk, learn something perhaps? Loudly closing your books/laptop and unzipping a backpack ten minutes before class is over is obnoxious. This often occurs as the professor is reaching an important point in the lecture, and probably finds it important that you write down what he/she said in that spiral you just slammed into your backpack.

Professors know when to let you out. So stop making everyone, the professor included, feel self-conscious and awkward. No one’s time is more important than anyone else’s. As Troy Bolton and Gabriella Montez once said, “We’re all in this together”.

Sitting in your (unassigned) assigned seat

*Walks into class*

Dear. Baby. Jesus.

“Umm sir, you are in my seat,” — You.

“It’s college bro, we don’t have assigned seats,” — Mortal Enemy (as of 25 seconds ago).

“Well while that is technically correct, I have sat there every single class period since we started school 3 months ago, sooooo.”

“Does it have your name on it?”

*throws down backpack and rolls up sleeves*


All of this of course occurs in your head as you passive aggressively trudge to the back of the class. You stare longingly at your seat, convincing yourself to never allow this to happen again.

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