Posted on April 9, 2016

“You’re Just Not My Type”: Dating Preferences, Good or Bad?


“Don’t get me wrong, you’re cute and everything, but you’re just not my type.” 

Type: the word that we all find ourselves using as an excuse to politely turn down someone who’s interested in us, but we’re just not feeling it. And yet, it’s that one word makes our stomach drop and puts the idea in our heads that we’re not good enough. Whether we want to admit it or not, each and every one of us have a “type”. Yours may not be as exclusive as some others, but you do have a preference in the people you seek out for love. Are you mainly attracted to people taller/shorter than you? What about blondes? Brunettes? What’s your type?

There is nothing wrong with having a type. It just means that there is something about the people who have a specific characteristic that gives you heart eyes. Having a type has turned into such a social norm. When you stop and think about the origin of your type, it’s kind of baffling.

Thinking back, who was your first crush? It could be a celebrity. It could be your next door neighbor. It could be the cute boy you shared middle school homeroom with. Look at their physical characteristics and compare them to your current “type”. Any correlation? You most likely have been attracted to the same type of people since you were little. This is no surprise considering we have been forced to drool over attractive celebrities and fictional characters all our lives and still, to this day, aspire to look like them and have a significant other that mimic them too. The only problem with this is that our adolescent “type” develops into our adult minds and leaves us with the false hope of finding our real life Zac Efron or Mila Kunis.

For millennials, the different “type” trends that are taking over our dating lives are pretty…interesting. It’s almost like the scene in Mean Girls where Janice is explaining the cliques of Northshore to Cady. First you’ve got your classic athletes versus dadbods. There is absolutely nothing wrong with either one, but this has taken stereotyping to a whole new level. Some of us women like a little pudge on our men, some of us prefer the clean cut abs. For you men out there, you got your petites and your thick girls. Whether you like a little more “junk in the trunk” or your own tiny dancer, that’s your prerogative. These types of people have left “preference” behind and are turning into stereotypes for the dating scene. “All tall guys want short girls” so I guess all tall girls want short guys? No? Well if all tall guys want short girls, who do the tall girls get? You see, this typing activity is turning dating into the NFL Fantasy Football draft.

At the end of the day, we’re going to like who we like. If appearance has the main effect on that, then so be it. However, don’t let your “type” go to your head. Types evolve just like we do, so go out there and get yourself a tall guy, that thick girl, embrace the dadbod and get your #1 pick before someone else does. If you aren’t someone’s type, don’t fret, there’s someone out there who is sending out applications in the hopes of finding you.

Photo by: Sarah Schreiner

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