Posted on April 18, 2016

Why You Need to Start Using Baby Oil Instead of Shaving Cream


Yes, you read that right. You’ve all seen this life hack on Pinterest and you probably ignored it, but you shouldn’t. This trick will open your eyes to a new way to shave without all the hassle of using dense and messy shaving cream. Basically, shaving with baby oil will change your life. Here’s why.

It moisturizes your legs

Baby oil absorbs deep into the skin to moisturize unlike normal shaving cream. No need to waste money and your precious time on shaving cream AND lotion now that you use baby oil. It kills two birds with one stone. Who doesn’t love saving time and money? We’re all poor college students, we need all the time and money we can get.

It gives you a closer shave

The average shaving cream makes for a tough shave because of the thick cream. With baby oil, there is simply a thin layer of oil between your razor and your skin. This allows for a closer shave which means less mistakes.

It reduces injury

Because of the closer shave and clear oil rather than thick cream, there is actually a decrease in injury. With shaving cream, you can’t always avoid those scratches or scabs and you may open up previous wounds. Baby oil is clear, which allows you to see where you are shaving and avoid scabs and scratches.

There’s no run-off

Have you ever shaved with cream and some of the cream washes off because the water hit it? This happens too often and is such a waste of product. But with baby oil, it stays on your skin until you shave it off or wash it off with soap. Water doesn’t wash it away. This saves you from that frustration as well as saving money, because let’s be honest, you’ve wasted a lot of shaving cream this way.

It leaves you with a clean razor

Baby oil has so many benefits for your skin, we almost forgot to mention how it actually cleans your razor. The baby oil, unlike normal shaving cream, doesn’t gunk up in the blades or collect those pesky little hairs. This can help your razor last a lot longer and doesn’t contribute to bacteria build-up on the blades.

For real, don’t knock it till you try it. It might sound weird but it will change your life. You’ll never shave with regular shaving cream ever again.

Photo by: Abby Pfaff

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