Posted on April 27, 2016

#WellnessWednesday: How To Find Your Spirit Animal


Animals are not just cuddly pets or shows at the zoo, they can be a way to empower you and connect with your subconscious. Spirit or power animals guide you through your journey in life. As corny as that sounds, many shamans believe these animal guides are meant to protect us and lead to our success. But before you can connect with your animal guide you have to know how to find it.

Even though there are numerous amounts of quizzes online, there are many other ways to find your guide that might be more legit. You don’t even have to be a wizard to find your Patronus, you just have to be willing to observe. Whether that’s through dreams, meditation or reacting with nature, observation and experience is key to finding your spirit animal.

Gaia says “our spirit animal will present itself during a time when your mind is relaxed” and this can happen during dreams and meditation. They go on to say your spirit animal can appear in physical forms, “often displaying unusual behavior” or presenting itself multiple times in a short span. To find your spirit animal, a relaxed state during dreaming or meditation would be best, but observing nature to see your guide to pop out of the bushes five times in a row might work to.

Meditation can be intimidating. Our minds are always wandering and wondering when our next paper is due, or if you bought eggs or not, but meditation is simple to sit with your thoughts and look inwards. To find your animal guide through meditation, you can use many walk through on YouTube, blogs, and lifestyle websites that are helpful for beginners and veteran meditators. Many of these meditating sessions last for an hour, so give your self time to relax. When meditating, remember to not get discouraged and always find a type of meditation that will work for you, and your guide will pop in your head and take you around town in your subconscious in no time.

Finding your guide through dreams can also be tricky. Most times we forget our dreams or it may seem like we don’t even have them. Dreams can be a very important place not just to find your spirit animal, but also to internalize your emotions throughout the day. Your subconscious is poking you in the back during dreams saying, “Yo, you remember these emotions and thoughts?” So listen to them, and write them down. Dream journals are always a fun way to remember weird dreams that you had a few years ago. A dream journal can also help with finding your guide.

Because you are in a relaxing state in your dreams, and may be easier to imagine your guide vividly without interruptions through meditation, make sure to write them down if you really want to discover your power animal.

Observing nature to find your spirit animal may be the hardest to do. Not only do you have distractions from the outside world, but you also might be second-guessing yourself if you see a ladybug twice and suddenly think it is your guide. (And ladybugs are everywhere.) One way to tune in with your power animal in the wild is to focus on your emotions. If a rabbit passes by you multiple times on your hike and a raven flies past you, notice your connection to each animal. Ask your self, “Which one made me feel a stronger emotion? Which one did I feel more connected with?” I know it may sound a little far-fetched, but if your spirit animal has chosen you, you will know.

Once you have found your spirit animal (Congrats!) you can now start to understand your journey together. Gaia claims the best way to understand your connection with your animal guide is to research, write a list of the pros and cons of your animal and analyze your feelings, and reflect on the connection with this animal.

Even if you think this all sounds like something from a book from Earthbound or the clearance section of Urban Outfitters, your animal guide does play a vital role in your success and journey in life. Your spirit guides are there to protect and connect with you, and show you a side that you didn’t know had polar bear qualities to it. With genuine meditation, dream journaling, observation, and research you will be able to discover your animal guide and have a deeper connection with your subconscious and conscious self.

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