Posted on March 16, 2016

Tricks For Staying Productive During Spring Break


Ahh, nothing like a mid-semester vacation, right? We’ve all been working so hard to get all of our homework done, our essays perfected and solid A’s on every exam, but now it’s time for a well-deserved break. Whether you’re spending #SB2k16 partying it up with your best friends somewhere on the beach or you’re just chillin’ at home with the ‘rents, we can’t just forget that we’re overworked college students, especially now that we only have about seven weeks until finals (you just had a mini heart attack, didn’t you?). Here are some ways that you can stay on your motivational grind while still putting the schoolwork to the side. 

Plan out your life (lists on lists on lists)

Making lists is not only a skill that will be insanely useful during break, but it will also make the biggest difference in getting stuff done in your day-to-day life once we get back to the real world. Get a journal or a planner and write yourself a “To Do” list every day. (It’s the perfect excuse to buy that really cute $20 journal from Target that you’ve been eyeing for months.) List out everything you need/want to do that day, cross it out when you’ve finished a task and watch your productivity skyrocket.    

Make a bomb playlist

We all know that the type of music you listen to can ultimately affect your overall mood of the day. The same thing goes for your productivity. If you need to be productive academically and attack those last-minute projects your professors assigned, make a playlist full of upbeat instrumental hits that will get you in a good mood, but won’t distract you with lyrics. If you need to spend the whole day spring cleaning, make a playlist full of songs that you know all the words to. Singing and dancing along will not only make cleaning more fun, but it will make the time go by so much quicker. It won’t even feel like you’re doing anything productive. 

Stay out of hibernation

We know: having an entire week to sit in bed and binge watch an entire series on Netflix is really tempting, but try not to stay awake any later than you do on a normal night. If you find yourself getting way off track toward the beginning of the break, force yourself to wake up early one day and avoid taking a nap later. This way you’ll be so exhausted and ready to go to bed early that eventually you’ll get yourself back into your normal sleep routine. No more days wasted in bed.

Get up and and get ready

Just because you’ve gotten that sleep schedule down doesn’t mean you’re going to get out of bed, does it? Put the phone down, get out of bed, take a shower, and get cute. You may not have any plans for the day, but simply getting ready and making yourself look good will cause you to want to make plans and go soak up some sun. You don’t want to waste those fleeked out eyebrows or that fresh AF outfit just sitting in your room taking selfies, do you?

But don’t overwork yourself

All these tips may seem so demanding and all you’re thinking is “I just wanna sleep.” It’s totally understandable. We definitely deserve a few days to chill, sleep in and enjoy not having any responsibilities. As long as you’re not chillin’ all day, everyday, you’ll be just fine. After all, it is spring break.

Staying productive over break may seem like the last thing on Earth that you want to do, but trust us when we say that the feeling you’ll have after setting those goals, staying focused and keeping that motivation to actually accomplish them will make it all worthwhile.

Photo by: Will Baldwin

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