Posted on April 9, 2016

The Twisted, Weird World of Millennial Dating


When you start dating someone, everything is colorful, magical and new. New relationships are all about that rush, that beautiful time where being in love is all you can think about; however, as the time passes this bubble of happiness starts getting smaller…and smaller. The simplest fights bring this bubble closer and closer to the ground. Soon, this not-so-new couple has less and less space between them; they start to suffocate. Finally, someone cheats. The bubble pops.

The generation we live in has forgotten the meaning of having a relationship, which consists of mutual respect, devotion and compromise. There are actually many aspects to mention when we talk about this, and part of this debate comes from millennials. Young people have the idea that they have to take advantage of a time in their life where they want to be free, live in the moment, share experiences and move from one place to another; this is not wrong at all. It’s okay to experiment and not settle down until you feel ready for it, but when it comes to having a relationship, there has to be at least some commitment.

The problem is that our society has encouraged the thought that being single is a big deal, when it’s really not. People want to be in relationships so badly, simply because they don’t want to be that person who is going to end up living alone with 40 cats in their parents’ basement. But first you have to think about if you’re mature enough emotionally to handle this kind of commitment. It is something you definitely have to think about. A relationship doesn’t affect just you. You have to think about what it really means to be in a relationship with someone; that means being loyal and faithful.

Before getting emotionally involved with someone, you have to ask yourself these questions: do I really like/love this person? Do I picture myself with someone else at this moment? Do I want to be exclusive? Do I feel strongly enough about this person to be exclusive?

Just be honest with yourself and with your partner. If you both agree that you want it to be an open relationship, then make sure that’s what you really want. But if you decide to have an exclusive, one-on-one relationship, then really commit to it.

Cheating is so common nowadays. One of the reasons is simply because people date a partner for the wrong reasons, to avoid being single and a “loser”. Some people just get tired easily and need to stay in a constant change of scenery, and that new scene may be a new partner. In this case, it’s better to end it on good terms than cheat and stay together to avoid the fear of being alone. Have courage and end it, and be with whoever you really want to be with.

Imagine it like this: it’s like having a job. If you no longer want to work at a company you don’t just go and work for other companies while staying at the same job, it’s unethical and pointless. You wouldn’t work for both Adidas and Nike. You wouldn’t split your time working for Apple and Microsoft. It’s a simple analogy, but a fair one. When there is love and a good connection there is no need to cheat. Be honest with yourself and be honest with your partner and no one gets hurt. Contradicting Nike’s saying: just don’t do it. We should be a generation that appreciates what love really means; have courage to fall for it and let it guide you.

Photo by: Huy Tran

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