Posted on April 12, 2016

Look Out Kim Kardashian! Selfies Could Be Damaging Your Skin


These days, we all seem to be obsessed with beauty tutorials on Youtube, Instagram-worthy eyebrows and contouring just about every body part. No matter if we are in the car or in a public bathroom, we all constantly search for the perfect lighting to show off our new matte lipstick. The selfie stick, Kim Kardashian and lighted LuMee phone case selfie phenomena has grasped everyone by the duck lips and has kept us addicted. Even though selfies are a way of life and have transitioned from pop culture axioms to the Oxford dictionary, they could be causing permanent damage to your skin.

According to blogger Mehreen Baig, selfies could be causing premature aging to your skin. Baig confessed to The Daily Mail that she would take at least 50 selfies a day for her blog. Like most of us, Baig loves taking selfies. “I find something quite therapeutic in applying Valencia filter, tirelessly cropping and editing to see the best version of me,” Baig stated.

Through the course of her blogging and social media career, she began to notice freckles, larger pores and dark spots on her face. After hearing about the damage the HEV light from her iPhone may cause to her skin, she was of course concerned and decided to see a dermatologist.

Dr. Simon Zokaie, a cosmetic dermatologist at the Linia Skin Clinic, stated that the exposures of the HEV light, pollution and sun damage are all causes of premature aging to the skin. “The combinations of these three factors cause heat and inflation under the skin, slowing down the skin’s ability to heal and protect itself,” the article reads. To truly understand the cause of damage to Baig’s skin, Dr. Zokaie analyzed her pore size, sun damage, pigmentation, lines, wrinkles, moisture and HEV light damage through a skin scanner. From this skin scanner it was discovered that Biag’s pigmentation, new freckles and brown spots were caused by HEV light, directly resulting from her computer screen and mobile phone.

Although sunscreen does not help prevent aging and damage the HEV light causes, Dr. Zokaie offered another possible solution. A gentle cleanser and antioxidant serum in the morning followed by an antioxidant cream or gel at night should help. As well as with the antioxidant serums, the beauty brand MAKE recently came out with a primer that protects against HEV and infrared light. With these beauty tips your skin will stay healthy and selfie ready.

Mehreen Baig illuminated the possible dangers of our selfies-stick-duck-face-Valencia-obsessed lives. Her concerns of newly formed freckles, pigmentation and dark spots created by the harshness of HEV lighting on our iPhones have scared us into taking better care of our skin. With the beauty treatments recommended by Baig’s dermatologist, you can still “like” Kim K’s  Instagram selfies, search for the perfect lighting to illuminate your eyeliner, buy the LuMee phone case and embrace your inner model by using your selfie stick, just with the necessary precautions to protect your skin.

Photo by: Huy Tran 

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