Posted on April 13, 2016

Curves & Confidence: Loving Your Body, No Matter The Size


IMG_8907Looking at yourself in the mirror can be one of the hardest things to do when you feel bad about your appearance. You look and you see the muffin top over your jeans and that back fat that your favorite bra gives you and all you can think is, “ew I look horrible.” You aren’t even looking at your beautiful smile, or how your hair is the most on point that it’s been in a long time. You look straight at your body and decide it’s time to hit the gym for a few years. You constantly wear T-Shirts that are two sizes too big and you would rather wear sweatpants in 100 degree weather than put on a pair of short shorts. You hate the way you look because you have been told at some point in your life that you were “fat.” You were left out of activities and groups of friends when you were younger because you were “fat.” Being “fat” ruined your life.

Don’t give a word that power. Your life isn’t over and there is so much more to you than the stretchmarks on your stomach and the dimples in your thighs. No one has the perfect body, believe it or not. We all have things that we hate about our bodies but it is our responsibility to focus on the positives rather than the negatives, when it comes to our bodies.

Body positivity has become a trend (one more important than the whip and the nae nae thankfully). Scrolling through Instagram, you probably see plus size girls posting pictures of their bodies in a bikini or a crop top. It’s becoming a social movement, as it should. Luckily, young adults are becoming more and more open to bigger girls wearing less clothing and showing some skin. Why should someone be frowned upon for wearing something that they feel confident in? Even Barbie has created plus size dolls, teaching young girls across the world to not hate themselves because they aren’t tall and skinny.

Being body positive is not just about thinking you look good or posting pictures of your body in tight clothing, it’s also about praising other girls who do the same. We have to boost each other and help each other embrace our insecurities and love our own bodies. We want bigger girls to feel comfortable and confident for showing off what Mama gave them.

Thinking positively about your body when you once hated even looking in the mirror, is a lifestyle change. It’s like being on a diet; you aren’t going to get skinny overnight. You have to work at it. You also have to have the mindset that you’re more than a number on a scale and the shape of your silhouette. Don’t lie, you love that feeling when you see yourself in a picture or in the mirror, and you’re just like “daaaaaaaaaamn I look so good.” It’s such a confidence boost. Confidence isn’t natural; you’re not born with it. You have to teach yourself how to be confident in your own body.
Learning to love your body is something that doesn’t just “happen.” It’s tough. It seems impossible at times, but nothing is impossible. It’s a journey that some may not be able to accomplish immediately but once you’ve accepted yourself the way you are and you have learned to look in the mirror and love your curves, those stretchmarks, and the dimples in your thighs. Love yourself more than anyone could ever love you, that is the key.

Feature photo courtesy of Etsy

Article photo by Sarah Schreiner

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