Posted on January 29, 2016

Carpe Diem: Using New Year’s to Your Advantage


There’s a stereotypical rhythm to January 1. You vow to be the best you by promising to make unrealistic promises a reality. Does “I’m going to lose 90 pounds by the end of January, eat only salads and call my Mum every single day!” sound familiar? But the reality is, halfway through the week you’re worn out and find yourself stuffing your face with Blue Bell Dulce de Leche ice cream while watching an episode of Project Runway.  Take a look at our top tips to overcome “Unrealistic New Year’s Resolution Syndrome” and learn how to enter the New Year with attainable goals.

TIP#1: Try something new.

Have you ever thought of doing something totally outrageous and out of character just for fun? Being spontaneous can greatly enrich your life and fulfill a side of yourself that you never knew existed. Please note that “trying something new,” doesn’t have to be anything outrageous or crazy. It can simply consist of changing up your regular order of Lo Mein at your fave Chinese restaurant to volunteering at that homeless shelter you always drive past. Whatever it is, just remember a little can change a lot.

TIP#2: Accept your past without any regrets, and handle your future like a boss.

Often times, we tend to hold on to the things we cannot change. We sit around, complaining to our friends and family (or even our cat) about how we let “the good one get away.” As much as we all would like to, we can’t change the past. So, why bother holding on to it? Instead of checking your ex-boyfriend’s Instagram page to see who his new girlfriend is, and in the process accidentally liking a picture from 114 weeks ago, focus on the present. Focus on how to get the internship you’ve always wanted, a promotion at work or an A in a difficult class. You will never see the blessing that is right before you if you’re always looking behind you.

TIP#3: Delete her number!

We all have those toxic and damaging people in our lives that never bring anything positive to the table. Yes, I’m talking about your side-friend. Now, we all know what a gold-digger is, right? A side-friend runs the same route. They’re someone who only calls you when she needs something, e.g. money or your new, expensive MAC Lipstick. She only calls when things are going extremely well for you, but when things are down and you need her the most, she’s nowhere to be found. Make the move and delete her number. As a matter of fact, delete her existence – at least technologically. Enter the new year with people who add to your life and are happy to see you succeed. (That Gail and Oprah relationship, ya feel?)

So, Risq readers, enter the New Year with the best intentions for yourself. Your outcome will be a representation of what you put in, and that’s the only way to use the New Year to your advantage.

Photo by: Will Baldwin

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