Posted on April 14, 2016

Buck Trendy Foods, Dare to Eat Differently


One of the weirdest things to think about is the food you eat on a daily basis. As college students, convenience and price should be at the top of the list. Sooooo Raman, macaroni and cheese, and bologna sandwiches, right? Well, in our day and age that is the opposite of cool.

It seems as though the trendiness of the food we consume is more important than the nutritional value or the burden our wallets carry. I give you a list of trendy foods and more effective alternatives.


If you are among the privileged few who walk around campus flaunting your white Starbucks coffee cup, then consider yourself #blessed.

You are among the select few who 1) have the privilege of carrying Daddy’s credit card (I kid, I kid) or 2) have enough flex dollars left to afford the delicacy that is a Starbucks mocha frap. People, it really is not that good.

Their coffee tastes burnt and their Frappuccinos are really just watered down sludge that you force yourself to suck down. Instead I direct you to Big Mike’s or Jupiter House, both located within walking distance of campus.

Big Mike’s takes time to perfectly craft whichever source of caffeine tickles your fancy, as does Jupiter House. Instead of shelling out valuable flex dollars for a venti caramel macchiato that tastes like three day old Splenda, decide if it’s important enough to wander across campus to get an ACTUAL caffeinated beverage.


The number of Snapchats of the Chicken Caesar salad from Panera is too damn high.

Sure, it’s cool to post said snap, but you know what’s cooler? Actually enjoying the food you eat. A vast majority of Panera’s food is simply rehydrated chicken particles that was prepared before NSYNC was relevant.

Instead, drive yourself to Jason’s Deli, McAlister’s, or even walk to the Bowlery across from Chicken Express. They’re all healthier and more cost effective than Panera.


Dear Lord, y’all. If you are going to fill your body with thousands of calories in one sitting, at least get the most out of your gluttony. Whata is perfect for a 2 a.m. food run, but outside of that, it’s pointless to venture all the way across Denton for a mediocre hamburger and floppy French fries.

Whataburger has branded itself as a trendy burger via Twitter and it’s always a cool experience to post pictures of the dozens of numbers you have stolen from the eatery. But, their burgers are just mediocre. Instead, go to Mr. Frosty’s, which is really just as far away from campus and twice as good.

Eating Whataburger is cool, don’t get me wrong, but if you are going to jeopardize your overall well-being, you should at least enjoy the crap you are shoving down your throat.

All joking aside, eat what makes you happy. If spending $5 on a frap makes your day, then go right ahead and suck down that milkshake disguised as coffee. If eating re-hydrated chicken has you jumping for joy, then you go ham (lolol) on that salad. Cheers to you for blocking out the haters. Just try to change it up a little bit. Life is too short to habitually eat and drink the same things day in and day out. So go out there and change it up, or don’t. Whatever.

Photo by: Kelsey Shoemaker

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