Posted on April 21, 2016

6 Things to Keep in Your Gym Bag at All Times


Packing your gym back the night before hitting the gym is a great way to ensure that you’re prepped for your workout. Whether you are going for a hardcore weightlifting session or just a jog on the treadmill, you need the right gear for a great training. These are a few things that you should pack in your gym bag to prepare for a successful workout.

Deodorant + Baby Wipes

Obviously, deodorant is the #1 thing that you should probably bring to the gym. When you keep in mind how much you are going to sweat doing a hardcore workout in a hot, humid gym, it’s evident why deodorant is first on the list. Do everyone a favor and cut down on that post-workout gym stench. Baby wipes are also a great toiletry to wipe down sweaty armpits before re-applying your deodorant.


When you’re having a hardcore workout, you definitely have to keep your body fueled. A snack as simple as a protein shake and granola bar can be a definite workout and energy booster. Having a small snack during your workout will be a little pick-me-up and keep you from feeling fatigued. Also, it has been shown that a light snack during your exercise can give you the extra energy to maximize your workout.


There is nothing worse than getting to the gym and forgetting your headphones! It’s no secret that music is pretty much essential to focusing and maxing out during your workout. Be sure to pack your headphones in your bag so that you can plug in and get in the zone.


Staying hydrated is essential! Your body must be properly hydrated to replenish all of the fluids you lose through sweating in a workout. Many gyms have public water fountains that can hold lukewarm water, backwash and pools of spit—gross! A personal water bottle in your gym bag is usually the way to go.

Headband/Hair Tie + Dry Shampoo

Bringing a headband to the gym is the best way to avoid that gross feeling of sweat-filled hair sticking to the nape of your neck. Headbands and hair ties are especially essential to keep sweat from seeping into your hair, mixing with products and causing face and scalp acne. Headbands are not just limited to girls only either. Guys with long or product filled hair should use them as well. Dry shampoo can also be a great toiletry for those who heavily sweat at the gym, especially when their workout is wedged in a busy schedule.

Hand sanitizer 

Cleanliness is key. Believe it or not, some of the machines at the gym carry more bacteria than a toilet seat—yikes! Gyms usually provide cleaning sprays and towels in their facilities to use on the equipment. However, not only is it important to sanitize the machines between each exercise, but a little Germ-X is also essential to sanitize your hands from other bacteria-filled surfaces, such as weights, countertops, showers and other people that you may come across in the gym.

These six items are essential to preparing for a successful workout and should be in your gym bag at all times. Never go to the gym again without them.

Photo by: Michael Shuey

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