Posted on February 9, 2016

5 People You Meet in Art School


Going to art school is a great way to meet amazing people while doing what you love, and you also come out of it with some pretty hilarious stories to tell. Art school isn’t all about the classes and the awesome projects—it’s about the people. Honestly, art students are some of the most genuine, quirky characters on campus. They will be your lifetime friends and you will make loads of great memories with them, whether it be in class or in the studio. The people you meet there make the seemingly-pointless projects bearable. (They’re also the only people who know the struggle of carrying those obnoxious portfolios around campus and spending a bajillion dollars on random art supplies.)
Pretty much every art student will encounter these five people at some point in their classes:

The Pretentious Jerk

This person isn’t that great at what they do, but they sure think they’re hot stuff. You’ll have at least one of these in every art class, and if you’re lucky, a teacher will put them in their place. You can be their friend if you want…but it most likely won’t be an enjoyable relationship. These are the people who are suck-ups to you the first few weeks of school, but they actually only think of themselves. These people are the ones who steal art supplies when you aren’t looking. NOT cool. That crap ain’t cheap.

The Sweet-but-Shy Picasso

This person is in all of your classes, but you never talk to them because they try to keep to themselves. They are always the ones offering to lend you charcoal or drawing paper, and they make art that will blow you away. Identify them early and befriend them; they’re great buds to have around, especially when you need someone to sit by during lecture or if you need constructive criticism. This person is honest, unlike the pretentious “artists” in your class, and you will wish you would’ve talked to them sooner.

The Vegetarian/Vegan

Let’s be honest. Most of the art majors you will encounter are either vegetarian or vegan, and some of them don’t let you forget it. This person brings up the fact that they’re vegetarian whenever they get the chance. Granted, not all of these herbivores shove it down your throat; in fact, most are super cool about it. But somehow it seems like all of the vegetarians in the world came together and decided to all go to art school. What a coincidence.

The One With the Weird Habits.

You are guaranteed to meet the weirdest people in art school. These weirdos will be the highlight of your college career, the center of your stories and your best friends for life. These people range from snacking on grass to “practicing magic.” When you tell your friends back home about college, you immediately think of these people. They make your life interesting and it’s hard not to share their stories.

The Mellow Hippie.

This guy is THE stereotypical art major that everyone knows and loves. (When you google art schools, there’s most likely a picture of this guy tacked on to every university website.) This guy is spotted in the oddest places doing the weirdest things. He may be working on his art or he may be loitering around the square. He’s the dude that many mistake for a hobo, and he always looks lost. No worries, whatever he’s up to, it’s probably inspiration for his next piece.

Photo by: Abby Pfaff

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