Posted on April 16, 2016

Why You Should Wear Makeup To Your Workout

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For a lot of women, makeup is an essential part of the daily routine. We wear makeup to work, to class and of course, to social events. However, we may be forgetting to make up our face somewhere it matters most—the gym.

But why would you possibly want or need to wear makeup to the gym? You are not there to attract the hotties. Weights before dates, right? The last place you would think about primping for is the gym, but a little makeup may actually be a wonderful workout and self-esteem booster.

First off, let’s think about why women wear makeup in general. Many women use makeup as a tool to enhance their natural beauty, create a more positive self-image and boost confidence. Psychologists have correlated the use of makeup and its positive effects on self-esteem of women. This positive, confident state of mind is one that should be transferred to your workout.

A major cause in avoiding exercise is the feeling of fear or anxiety associated with embarrassment and self-consciousness while working out. Some people may lack the confidence to feel comfortable working out in front of others because they feel very insecure about their physical appearance or their physical abilities. This is a major psychological challenge that directly affects how a person performs, especially in mirror-filled gyms.

Grooming rituals, such as applying makeup, can be temporary confidence boosters, and confidence in turn leads to increased self-efficacy and improvement in physical abilities. Approaching your workout with confidence and a positive self-image yields a sense of increased self-efficacy, which gives you the motivation to conquer your workout. Bringing self-confidence to your workout also provides assurance in your skills and abilities, which allow you to perform more efficiently. A little makeup could give you the confidence to complete another set, give an extra rep, increase your intensity or lift a heavier weight.

Any dermatologist would love to disagree with my advocacy for wearing makeup to the gym in regards to the effect that a mixture of makeup and gym sweat may have on your complexion. Because vigorous workouts produce sweat, it may be ridiculous to apply a full-face contour before running a mile or going to spin class because the makeup will not only be sweated off, but has the potential to clog your pores. However, a little mascara and swipe of tinted lip gloss will do the trick, enhancing your natural beauty and giving you the confidence boost that you need.

So next time you are heading to the gym, apply your favorite gloss and liner and max out. Because who says you can’t have makeup and muscles, too?

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