Posted on March 16, 2016

Why Guys Should Wear Skirts

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With gender fluidity and contemporary fashion expanding its horizons, the question of what is donned as women’s wear and men’s wear is a hot topic. Today women in tuxedos and trousers are praised even though just decades ago it was frowned upon. Meanwhile, men are constricted to stuffy suits and pants and it’s still a societal taboo for guys to slip on a skirt and strut to class.

The chicness and the comfort of skirts is unquestionable. Skirts serve as a fashionable staple piece that heightens any ensemble. There are numerous amounts of silhouettes and hems available: from the mini to the midi skirt, the maxi to the A-line, the peasant to the pencil (you get the point).

For years women have obviously embraced the skirt, and man are slowly starting to embrace it as well. Skirts have made there way into men’s fashion through mostly celebrities and some runways. Jared Leto, David Beckham, David Bowie, 2 Chainz, Jaden Smith, Marc Jacobs and even Kanye West and Vin Diesel have all worn skirts proudly. Male models in Givenchy, Jean Paul Gaultier, Gucci and J.W Anderson runways have all been featured in the man-skirt.

Even with the rise of the skirt and dress in men’s wear in high fashion, and socialites, other celebrities and even the media regard this trend as crazy. When Jared Leto was seen sporting a skirt over a pair of jeans on the red carpet, GQ stated, “Our official stance is don’t try this at home.” And went on to claim, “The male skirt takes a herculean amount of confidence mixed with the right brand of eccentricity to work. Without the perfect confluence of those two things, you’re just a crazy guy wearing a skirt.”

Buzzfeed writer Mathew Guiver took part in the man-skirt conversation by wear a skirt for a week. Guiver noticed that “the social stigma about men wearing skirts doesn’t really exist anymore. People don’t seem to care. The anxiety I was feeling, and the fear of judgment… it was all my own insecurities.” Guiver went on to say that he felt “more confident than ever” and the skirt was infinitely more comfortable than pants or shorts.

More and more men are starting to embrace the comfortable chicness that comes with the skirt. Transitioning from robes and kilts from centuries ago to strictly pants is a stark change, but watching chiffon skirts float down the runway on a pair of male legs proves the shift in gender exclusivity is diminishing. For men, wearing skirts has been deemed as a trendsetting look, but also a crazy one. Skirts are now a way for men to break social stigmas that have been entrenched in society for decades while also quickening the pace of men’s fashion.

Celebrities, designers and street style trendsetters are embracing the integration of women’s wear into men’s fashion. Maybe sometime soon men will be looked at with admiration for wearing a slip dress just as a women were for wearing pantsuits years ago.

Photo by: Emily Berger

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