Posted on April 15, 2016

What’s In A Name? Beyoncé’s New Clothing Line, Ivy Park

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After months and months of waiting for Beyonce’s athleisure clothing line, Ivy Park, the time has come and now you can dress like Queen Bey. Stores online have sold out of most sizes just a day after release, and soon you’ll be seeing Ivy Park spread across sports bras in a gym or class room near you. Yet, the athletic wear collection has disappointed many fans. Social media blasts about unjust sizes and quality. The popularity of the Ivy Park collection may be due to the branding and celebrity endorsement and not to the innovation and chicness of the line.

Beyoncé’s collection features an array of leggings, sports bras, muscle tees and plain cotton t-shirts with a range of colors, as expected with any athletic clothing line. To add to the ready-to-wear aspect of athleisure, you can find chic bomber jackets, body suits, jerseys, mesh parks and hoodies with pieces ranging from $14-$265. You can even buy the famous Ivy Park red-and-black sleeveless body. Yet, fans seem a little disappointed with the collection.

Time noted the social media complaints about unjust sizes. Many are curious and outraged that an “XL is an 8, really?” one fan quotes. The fast fashion store Topshop may have a disadvantage of adjusting to the ranges sizes of women due to their need for mass distribution. But, social media is starting to wonder why Beyoncé, the queen of curves and body positivity, endorses unfair sizing.

Not only do these Ivy Park clothes seem to fit a little snug, but they also look a little familiar. Mass marketed athleisure can be found at Target, H&M, Forever 21, Academy and many more retailers. White sports bras, graphic hoodies, mesh jerseys, leggings and even honeycomb bomber jackets have all been done before. But the name Ivy Park and Beyoncé seem to have consumers waiting in line to buy sweatpants with the brand name on the pocket.

Even though Beyoncé is the Queen, her clothes are only sold due to brand recognition. Simple, cotton graphic t-shirts and leggings may be easy to sell to a mass market, which is Topshop’s goal, but take away the name Ivy Park and what do you have? A simple, cotton t-shirt, leggings and a hoodie that could be purchased at any fast fashion or mass market store.

Queen Bey undoubtedly has made an empire for herself. Each record and concert ticket is sold to millions without a second thought, and this clothing line doesn’t fall short of that standard. We have waited in lines and by our computers with our credit cards to get our hands on a sports bra with the logo Ivy Park written across it.

Although the turnout for the collection was a success for Topshop (except in New York where no one showed up) many Beyhives are disappointed. The clothing in the collection is untrue to sizes and lacks innovation. It is great for mass-market production, but falls short of chic creativity. Graphic sports bras and leggings can be found pretty much anywhere thanks to the athleasiure trend, and Topshop is no exception. Beyoncé’s collaboration with the store and the line will be around for a while; hopefully we will see more novelty and Beyoncé’s flawlessness come out in the future.

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