Posted on April 22, 2016

Runway Makeup vs. Instagram

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Contour, eyebrows and the perfect winged eyeliner are just some of the makeup trends appearing on Instagram and making their way to the streets. Despite many people’s belief that painted eyebrows are high fashion, they might not be. Social media users have actually criticized makeup looks appearing from the runway. Although Instagram-able makeup may seem to be inspired from the runway, each have differentiated over time.

The differences between fashion makeup and Instagram-makeup have been blurred over time due to the increasing use of technology and social media in the fashion industry. Makeup artists have moved from swiping mascara onto models for runways and editorial ads to blending bronzer on their own cheeks with their beauty blenders.

Beauty Blogger Linda Hallberg distinguished this shift in makeup trends in a recent blog post, stating makeup artists used to be able to create looks on all skin types, but today they only seem to be able to do it on their own face. Hallberg goes on to claim, “For me, a person who can just do make up on her/his own face, is not a makeup artist.”

Hallberg began to notice the hate runway makeup and makeup artists received is primarily from social media users. She saw comments on a Maybelline runway look saying, “OMG I can do better with makeup from the dollar store” and “The only thing I see is a girl who needs to pluck her eyebrows, fix the upper lip and fix the eye shadow, she can not be a model?” This hate Hallberg noticed stemmed from the beauty expectations bloggers on social media have produced. Now makeup users are used to believing that extreme contouring, false eyelashes, dramatic eye shadow and eyebrows are the only right way or beautiful way to apply makeup.

Hallberg even reminds her readers that the beloved beauty trends seen on Instagram are created from drag queens. The contouring and false lashes enhance the “feminine” look desired by drag queens during performances and desired by females looking to enhance their feminine features.

Fashion makeup does play a part in the role of makeup trends, yet the makeup appearing on the runway is designed to portray a certain theme. Splotchy eye shadow, un-plucked brows, and a nude lip appearing on the runways are designed to enhance the thematic statement designers have created through the clothing.

Hallberg also notes the importance of timeliness during runway makeup creations. “You would never in the world have time” to contour and slap on falsies on “15 models in four hours.” She goes on to state, “If I would start doing cream contouring and false lashes with eyeliner at a fashion shoot, I would probably never get a job in fashion again.” High fashion makeup is designed to create time-efficient looks, that way the makeup artist can line the models’ lips one second and shove them out on the runway the next second. When developing makeup looks, designers focus on the efficiency, theme and the correlation to the ensemble.

Instagram makeup has been designed by bloggers and celebrities like Kylie Jenner to enhance their feminine features without worrying about time efficiency. Many beauty socialites could spend all day creating one look, taking a selfie, and posting a Youtube tutorial because they are focused on different values than runway makeup artists.

Whether you value the bold eyebrow, cream contour, un-kept eyebrows or aesthetically creative eye shadow, each look is beautiful and enhances your natural beauty. As Linda Hallberg advised to her readers, before “hating on a picture,” keep in mind these are two completely separate styles of makeup. Even if you stand by the highlighted nose instead of clumpy lashes, each one is right and beautiful and should be praised through social media, self-esteem could be at risk otherwise.

Photos  courtesy of @WakeupandMakeup on Instagram and Lynette Page

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