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Risq-y Looks We Loved at London Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2016

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Although short, London Fashion Week A/W 2016 had a lot in store. Charlotte Olympia made her anticipated debut. Sarah Burton embraced her most girly side yet in Alexander McQueen’s show. Burberry’s models walked down the runway in a completely new aesthetic for the fashion house. From all the looks that strutted their way down the runway, we have chosen a few of our favorites from London Fashion Week.


Vivienne Westwood:

The Renaissance artists Donatello and El Greco inspired Westwood’s A/W 2016 quirky prep collection. Westwood’s target was an intellectual and nomadic woman, much like her self. Models wore tailored shirts and trousers with vibrant colors and eccentric socks with heels. This liquid silk-draped gown (above), exposing casual shorts underneath, portrays the dichotomy of daywear and evening wear in Westwood’s collection.



The street fashion of Britain inspired new creative director Johnny Coca for the A/W 2016 Mulberry collection. Militaristic, classic looks with an edge filled the collection. This look (above) features a military jacket with a Chanel vibe and a leather, deconstructed pleated skirt with dangling silver chains and a ruffled dress shirt.


Gareth Pugh:

The strong workingwoman of the 80s inspired Gareth Pugh’s A/W 2016 collection with sharp lines, boxy shoulders, wide leg trousers and pencil skirts portraying the business aspect of a woman’s dress. In this particular look, like many in the collection, Pugh features feminine details like full-length gloves, a delicately-placed coat and pairing harsh details like masks and black veils. And with the Hannibal Lecter-esque masks featured in the looks like one of our favorites (above), the collection displays the theatrical symbolism.


Simone Rocha:

Simone Rocha’s inspiration came from maternity. In her A/W 2016 collection, many looks featured ethereal garments and nurse aprons. This collection also featured many romantic and haunting aspects. Many dresses were covered in red to simulate blood and designed with a Victorian and gothic vibe. Unique in its head-to-toe incorporation of twill fabric, our favorite look (above) maintained a sense of elegance and structure despite the tattered appearance of the outfit itself.


Julien MacDonald:

For the man who put the “Mac” in macramé, Julien MacDonald embraces the human body. Set in a former 19th century church, models strutted down the runway exposing many parts of their body through cutouts, see-though dresses, knitted tops and v-necks. Our favorite look from the show features a model at the beginning of the show who is portrayed as a military bad boy who seems to lose clothing as the collection carries on.


Mary Katrantzou:

This collection was inspired by love, or rather the love of dressing up, whether it was as a princess or a cowboy. The collection had a certain whimsical feel. Western elements were mixed with fantastical appliqués and embroideries. Katrantzou tried her hand at ready-to-wear clothing, but still ended the show with her well-known lavish gowns. The look above features Katrantzou’s extraordinary mechanics and ready-to-wear designs in a colorful dress with lace cutouts.


A.F. Vandevorst:

This brand has embraced the fishnet trend circulating through this London Fashion Week. A.F. Vandevorst features a deconstructed take on ready-to-wear for busy women who need to shift from day to night effortlessly. The look above somewhat resembles a business woman mixed with Ansem from Kingdom Hearts. (Or is that just me?)


 Topshop Unique:

Topshop Unique portrayed a feminine yet relaxed collection. Many looks featured millitrary and collared bomber jackets with a youthful rockstar edge. This collection also featured a sophistication with houndstooth trousers and little black dresses. The look we loved the most was the Kim Possible-like pants paired with an embellished top and choker. Definitely a fan favorite over here.

Out of the many extraordinary looks and new designs we chose, these are just a few of our many favorite looks to walk on the runway during London Fashion Week. With appearances from Vivienne Westwood, Ashish, and Toga, this fashion week earned our risq-y seal of approval. Now onto Milan (stay tuned for our future coverage.)

Photo courtesy of Focus on Style 

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