Posted on April 25, 2016

Our Favorite Looks From Coachella 2016

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Coachella has come and gone. The good, the bad and the ugly have all marched across the field in Indio, California, sporting their famous (or infamous) fringe, crop tops and flower crowns. Unexpected guests emerged to the music festival including Rihanna, Leonardo DiCaprio, Bernie Sanders, Sam Smith and many more. Bloggers have shuffled their way from one sponsored party to the next, wearing tricky lace dresses, bandanas and Gucci western footwear that begs the question of how much time did these starlets spend in the hot sun surrounded by crowds that reek of sweat and pot?

Many are saying that Coachella might be on the downhill swing. As weekends one and two  progressed, social media became more and more quiet about the chokers and after parties. But, this music festival doesn’t seem it wants to ever end. With the name Coachella behind it, how could it? The music festival, no matter how old, will adapt to last in pop culture and the music scene forever.

Although slitted maxi-skirts and bralettes are still in trend for this festival, flower crowns have evolved into chokers, war bonnets have turned into beaded head jewelry, and fringe has shifted into see-though lace. Don’t believe me? Take a trip down to Coachella Evolution Amusement Park, and scroll down to what we have chosen as some of our favorite looks from Coachella. (But not so fast!) Whether it’s street wear, or celeb wears we have picked the best of the best, the newest trends for this music fest.

Why are these our favorites? I’m glad you asked. Although it was hard because everyone at Coachella had a style that was unique, even if it was inspired by Woodstock fashion, we chose outfits that stood out from the hippie hipsters and shown on their own, ranging from gladiator, bohemian and indie vibes mixed all in with a rock star goddess (you get the picture). Coachella trends have seemed to slowly but surely move away from the cliché to the chic. Rather than succumbing to the trends and desperately trying to stand out of the crowd listening the CHVRCHES, the festival attendees have slowly added their own style into the Coachella trends.

By wearing chic western booties, vintage inspired floral rompers, see through lace dresses and denim jackets with a hint of DIY, these music-loving fashionistas have upped their game by ignoring the popular demand and embracing their own style. This year seems to have a more stylistically original tune coming from the clicks of the music lovers’ jelly sandal heels.

For a while now Coachella has been looked at from the outside world as mainstream and exclusively for wannabes. The festival has even been judged for shifting away from their main focus—music—and to fashion and celebrity spotlight opportunity. That may be partially true, but is that a bad thing? This music festival has shifted into more of, well, a festival. Not only is Coachella about music, but it is about celebrity photo-ops and trendsetters’ time to shine. This festival has lived for so long because it has evolved, and is still evolving. The name may change, bands, bloggers and the Kardashians may come and go, but this festival will react with pop culture because that’s what it feeds off of.

Image courtesy of Getty Images via The Hollywood Reporter

Slideshow images courtesy of PopSugar, Harper’s Bazaar UK and WGSN

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