Posted on February 9, 2016

Let’s Hear It for the Boys: Men’s Fashion Around Campus

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It’s the beginning of the week. You unfortunately have another 8 a.m. The never-ending question pops in your head (along with your alarm clock): do I skip and sleep, or do I rise with courage to attend a lecture, bracing the harsh winds and monotone professor? You also ask yourself, “Do I try and look nice?”

We all probably know the answer to both those questions. You slowly get out of bed, brush out your bedhead, slip on basketball shorts and your coat and head out the door. Conquering your stylistic urges is futile at this point (even when goose bumps are forming on your bare legs because of this inconsistent Texas weather). Never fear, we have searched for a few UNT men who will hopefully inspire every hipster, prep, urban and alternative guy (and everything in between) to aesthetically crushing it on the way to class.

Hats Off

First things first: accessories compliment your ensemble. For guys who want to embrace their Arcade Fire side, hats are an easy add-on that upgrades your outfit.

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Jalen Hare, a kinesiology major, adds this wide brimmed hat and displays sophistication to his simple look.

When you’re having a bad hair day, your hat hangs in your closet humming, “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.” No matter where you are, no matter how far, your hat will exhibit some jazzy swag to your appearance.

In this hipster look that Hare is pulling off, instead of slipping on a pair of jeans, he switches things up with dark blue corduroy pants. This subtle switch from denim to a new material of pants adds a cool and easy vibe to your look.

If The Shoe Fits

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Now, let’s talk about shoes. To any stylish person, shoes are important to tie the ensemble together. These dress shoes coincide with Hare’s classy indie outfit. edited 1 (10)

Even if you want to show off your more urban side, shoes are still vitally important.

Stomp your way through the classroom in a pair of ankle boots or maybe even combat boots like Robert Bettis, freshman RTVF major. If you’re looking for something edgier, check out Bettis’ frayed jeans and how they disorderly lay on his boots.

For guys who can’t get enough of their basketball shoes, tiptoe in your Jordan’s around campus in loose, knit athletic pants and a graphic hoodie.

Layered With Versatility

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To keep warm in the winter, layering tees, sweaters and sweatshirts over a short coat amplifies your ensemble. Bettis layers a plain black T-shirt with a black denim jacket.

nick 2

For all of you preppy guys out there who love boat shoes and driving trucks, pairing a polo under a sweater looks charming and keeps you warm. Nick Landivar, sophomore BCIS major, also layers up for this semester.

Landivar dresses in a dark blue sweater over a light blue polo, a beanie and khakis to tie it up. Sporting a nice button down under a sweater is another great look so you can feel comfortable and look nice.

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Alternatively, skateboarding and Beartooth loving guys can layer up as well. You can wear your skinny jeans with a band tee, a flannel, a hoodie and a coat if you are still not warm enough. Matt Farmer wears a graphic tee under a long-wool trench coat and dark skinny jeans that centers on monochromatic black.

These boys’ looks have not only inspired us but also (hopefully) inspired others around campus.

Once again, it’s a Monday. Your alarm clock blares and you’re still asking yourself the same old question: to get out of bed or to not get out of bed? But this time, you remember the cool guy with the classy scarf you saw yesterday and draw inspiration for what to wear. You silence your alarm, jump out of bed, dress marvelously and stride to class. Whether you like wearing pastel shorts, band tees, saggy jeans or wide brimmed hats, you can find inspiration from other styles—even around campus. So dominate your fashion woes, own your look and inspire others around you.

Photos by: Huy Tran

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