Posted on April 20, 2016

How to Style The Pantone Colors of The Year

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When the experts at Pantone announced the annual Color of the Year as a duality of two different shades, many people were left trying to incorporate the colors into their everyday wardrobe. The colors are a soft blue, named Serenity, and a blush pink, titled Rose Quartz. These soft and tranquil colors scream “relaxxxxxxx” as we transition into full-fledged spring weather.

With everyone’s hectic lives and busy schedules, sometimes putting on a black pencil skirt and dark maroon blouse is the easiest thing to do. Most of us do not want the hassle of trying to incorporate color into our schedules and #ootd, until now. We have taken these placid pastel colors and created outfits to inspire a calming ensemble for every occasion.

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 12.58.49 PM

The outfit above is perfect for a casual lunch date at the park in the spring. Your Serenity blue would match the serene cloudless afternoon sky and the light blue pond you are sitting next to while you picnic. This is also a good transitional ensemble for walking around town as the leaves begin to change during the early fall. Usually darker colors during fall are everywhere to match the dark and cold weather, but brighter colors are trendy during the colder months to match the snow on the ground. Serenity is a friend to all seasons.

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 12.59.05 PM

Going out on a fun night with the girls? No problem! This fun and flirty outfit is perfect for dancing or bar hopping with your friends. The sleepless, fluttery jumpsuit allows your legs to breathe while still keeping it sexy due to the slit down the middle and room for classy cleavage. The deep pink YSL bag lets everyone know you mean business, but the stay floral heels keeps the outfit cute and casual.


Who says that wearing color can’t be professional? Above is an image to demonstrate how a working woman could incorporate color into her everyday working women wardrobe. The high neck line keeps it modest for the workroom, but the cutout and A-line shape keeps the skirt youthful and fun. To add modesty, you can also add a cardigan or a suede biker jacket to match the edge of these studded heels.

blue pink

When walking through the mall with shopping bags wrapped up each arm, you still want to look cute and strut down your imaginary runway, right? This fun and free outfit, adding both the light blue and light pink colors that allow you to feel the luxury of being stylish, while still keeping it simple. The suede heel and off-the-shoulder shirt gives the outfit the edge it needs, and the shorts gives the outfit a chic simplicity.


Last but not least, this ensemble is for all of you fashionistas who love being comfy and cute while walking to class. Not only is this outfit easy to walk down your imaginary runway and turn some heads while you book it to class, but this look is also easy on the wallet. Drum roll, please: these items are less than $20. Add the two colors of the year by wearing these light blue, high-waisted, destroyed skinny jeans, Serenity-inspired girly flats, and a rose quartz backpack and crop top. With the combination of the destroyed-yet-sexy piece paired with cute and girly items, everyone in your government survey class will be envious of your comfy and cute outfit.

The idea of the color of the year conundrum is to help everyone draw inspiration, but also be diverse and inspired, hence the rose quartz, which literally represents serenity and peace. With that being said, be different and stand out! Don’t be afraid to match colors that others say are not acceptable. Be sure to post your photos with the hashtag #PantoneRisq so that we can all see your wonderful creations.

Feature photo courtesy of Slate; Article images provided by the author via Polyvore

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