Posted on January 18, 2016

From Couch Potato to Couture: Upgrading Your Outfit in 6 Easy Steps

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Let’s face it – it’s a struggle to look good for classes. It’s hard to even get up and get dressed in general for classes, especially with those 8 a.m lectures. But no need to fear, those days are over. No longer will fashionistas have to compromise their love of sleep for their love of fashion. No longer will just your t-shirts and yoga pants get to have all the fun. Here are a few easy ways to be both comfortable and cute with an effortless outfit.

Accessories = Endless Possbilities

First things first: accessorize. Believe it or not, accessories can make a huge difference to an outfit in a second. Rather than wearing a plain t-shirt, throw on a statement necklace. This can add flare to your comfy tee. If you’re having a rough hair day, wear a cute beanie or headband. Quirky patterns and graphics like polka dots or a Disney-inspired hat will not only add happiness to your outfit, but will make it fun for you to wear. Solid-colored hats are an adequately chic way to hide your bedhead. The perfect accessories can make or break your outfit, but don’t be afraid of them. Embrace pearls, scarves and bling. It will transform your comfy outfit in seconds.

Not Quite Cool for the Summer

For the colder weather (and definitely for those freezing classrooms), dress in layers. Wearing a shirt under a cardigan, paired with a scarf makes it easy to stay comfortable in any type of weather. Another cute way to do this would be to wear a cute collared shirt under your sweatshirt or tee. Adding layers to your outfit adds comfort and cuteness now matter how much you put on or take off during the day.

Buying staple pieces also helps add to your layers and provides you with something comfortable to wear. Staple pieces are articles of clothing that are versatile and can be worn many different ways. Stick to no-fail go-to’s like a black and white striped shirt, a floral skirt or a leather jacket. You can style them for different seasons and occasions, and you’re getting more clothes for your dollar. Buying clothes that you can wear differently gives you options to look sophisticated and ready for your day. The more options you have, the easier and quicker it will be to find something to wear—and that means more sleeping time before class.

More Than a “Mom Jean”

A simple rule of thumb for upgrading your outfit: wear jeggings instead of leggings. Don’t get me wrong, leggings are the bomb and are super comfortable—but so are jeggings. And I do not mean Pajama Jeans; I’m talking about leggings that look like jeans (there’s a difference). They give the illusion that you are wearing jeans but feel like leggings. This “illusion” makes your outfits chicer than it would be with standard leggings, which should be kept under skirts or dresses.

Just Dip Your Toes In

Last but not least: shoes. Your shoes, believe it or not, can make or break your outfit. A comfortable flat or boot can go a long way. You don’t have to spend time lacing up your tennis shoes when you could be hitting the snooze button a couple more times. A chic shoe like an Oxford or knee-high boot that is easy to slip on will transform your outfit, and yes, keep you comfortable.

These tips will help you transform your comfortable clothes into runway-ready, chic outfits. So, turn your beloved yoga pants into jeggings and your Nike’s into a cute A-line skirt, and feel great about going to class!

Photo by: Jaida Brinkley

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