Posted on March 28, 2016

Are Tattooed Eyebrows Making A Comeback?

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When most people envision tattooed makeup, images of incredibly unnatural looking eyebrows and uneven eyeliner typically come to mind. Chances are you even know someone who is living proof of the horrors of permanent makeup. Luckily, like all things over time, the art of tattooed makeup has vastly improved. A technique called microblading, which is used to produce natural looking, semi-permanent eyebrows, has taken Instagram by storm.

Microblading is different than tattooing in that a tattoo gun is not used. Instead the artist uses a special blade to place the pigment under the skin. This produces a more natural look because the artist has more precision and control than they would with a tattoo gun. The colors available for microblading are also more varied, and can be mixed to produce a custom color to fit you, as opposed to the one-size-fits-all brown and black of yesteryear.

This new technique is also far less permanent than tattooed makeup. The special blade only penetrates a few layers of skin, so as your skin sheds so does the ink. The ink will be completely gone after a year or two. Besides looking infinitely better than regularly tattooed eyebrows, microblading hurts much less. Numbing creams are applied to keep you comfortable, and the needle simply doesn’t hurt as much.

Because of its sudden popularity, many tattoo artists have started offering microblading. A local Dallas artist who goes by Little Linda now specializes in it. There are also beauty clinics (think places that offer botox and eyelash extensions) that perform the technique. Getting semi-permanent, custom eyebrows comes at a price, however, often starting at $300 (but it could easily exceed that).

Since eyebrows are more important than ever, microblading offers a solid alternative to filling your brows in every day. No matter how skilled at makeup you are, there’s always a bad brow. Semi-permanent eyebrows totally eliminate that problem and make getting ready in the morning a much faster process. Because microblading fades, it allows you to keep up with eyebrow trends. One year you look like Cara Delevingne, the next you can embody your inner Beyonce.

Is microblading a viable option for everyone? No way. But it is a cool new trend that is likely here to stay and only grow more popular. Check it out for yourself and tell us what you think.

Photo by: Emily Berger

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