Posted on April 11, 2016

7-Minute Makeup For Any Occasion

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Whether you are a literal makeup artist or just obsessed with Sephora, there are those days where spending 30 minutes on your face just isn’t worth it, or even possible. When you wake up 20 minutes before class, you don’t have time for breakfast, hair or matching socks, let alone a full face. And what about when your squad texts you a last minute invite 10 minutes before they head to a party? Instead of skipping the cosmetics in favor of finding the right outfit, you can have it all with makeup looks that will take you seven minutes or less.



Whether you wake up an hour before your first class to watch Netflix or roll out of bed in just enough time to brush your teeth, you can look as fresh-faced and doe-eyed as the girl sitting next to you who never leaves her room without false lashes. This look is perfect for a casual coffee date or for your 8 a.m.


Step 1 (1 minute): Start with a light dusting of loose powder all over your face. Any kind will do.

Step 2 (1 minute): Fill in eyebrows as normal, or skip them altogether (We promise people don’t notice as much as you think they do.)


Step 3 (30 seconds): Next use a powder bronzer and sweep a bit on the top of your cheekbones. This will really make it look like you put in effort and add some color to your complexion, while you know that it took you less than 30 seconds.

Step 4 (30 seconds): Add a bit of shimmery blush on the apples of your cheeks. This really “wakes” your face up, and pulls together the fresh-faced aspect of your look.


Step 5 (1 minute): Line your top lash line lightly with a penciled eyeliner. Nothing too dramatic, just enough that you draw the slightest bit of attention to your eyes.


Step 6 (1 minute): A light coat of mascara is really all you need. Save the falsies for Frat Formal Friday.

Step 7 (15 seconds): Swipe on some lipgloss for the final touch. This step is optional, but it’s amazing how much lip gloss can add extra oomph.

Total time: 5 minutes and 15 seconds


Going Out

Let’s face it, we all lose track of time occasionally. You know you told your friend you’d be ready in an hour, but somehow 45 minutes passed by and you never left your couch. Suddenly you’re in a panic because tonight’s the night you were gonna talk to your crush or hit the hottest new bar. You can’t go out looking like this. Inhale, exhale. We got you.


Step 1 (1 minute): Skip the cream foundation. It’ll be dark enough that it won’t matter, and it isn’t good for your skin anyway. Instead dust on some powdered foundation or swipe on a thin layer of BB cream.

Step 2 (1 minute): Again with the eyebrows. If you don’t normally do them, don’t start now. But if you do, opt for a light, quick shaping. You don’t need to go over every hair.


Step 3 (30 seconds): Next use a powder bronzer and start at the top of your cheekbone and drag it down to your lower cheek (at the indented areas when you suck in your cheeks/make a fish face), really emphasize that contour.


Step 4 (30 seconds): Use a powder highlighter right above the line you made with the bronzer and blend it together. If you don’t have highlighter, shimmery cream colored eyeshadow makes a great alternative.


Step 5 (30 seconds): The most important part to any look is the eyes. If all else fails, just do your eyes and leave the rest. A gold base flatters pretty much any complexion, so start with your favorite gold shade and swipe it across your eyelid.

Step 6 (30 seconds): Now dust a medium brown color along your crease, starting near your tear duct and dragging it across to the outer corner of your lid.

Step 7 (15 seconds): Add a bit of black in the outside corner of your eye and blend. This will tie everything together and add a bit of edge to the look.


Step 8 (1 minute): If you feel like something is missing, go ahead and line your upper lashline with either pencil liner or just tap on some black eyeshadow.

Step 9 (30 seconds): Swipe on that mascara as fast as you can, girl.


Step 10 (30 seconds): Grab your fave shade of lipstick and put it on in the car!

Total time: 6 minutes and 15 seconds


Formal Event

The last look is for those times where you are obligated to go to some sort of stuffy formal event you could not care less about. You know you have to look good, but if you would rather be anywhere else than there, what’s the point? Or maybe you’re just one of those people who is perpetually running late and will probably use all of these looks because you’re just that person. We know what that’s like, it’s okay.

Step 1 (1 minute): Again with the powder foundation, you know the drill. Seriously, this stuff works wonders.

Step 2 (30 seconds): Just like the first look you’re going to use powder bronzer just at the top of the cheekbone. The goal for this look is more elegant, less sex appeal. Use sparingly.


Step 3 (1 minute): What you do really want to emphasize is the highlighter. Nothing makes you look quite as elegant and ethereal as sparkle. Sweep that powder highlighter across your cheekbones and go all out for your night out.

Step 4 (1 minute): Do your eyebrows the same way as you did them for the last look, just shape them a bit.


Step 5 (30 seconds): Now for the showstopper: your eyes. You’re going to use a shimmery cream color eyeshadow base across your the lid. Really saturate it.

Step 6 (30 seconds): To continue with the sparkly theme, add a shimmery gold or light brown color in the crease, really making sure it goes from end to end.

Step 7 (15 seconds): Use a deep brown color on the outside corner of your eye and blend everything together.


Step 8 (1 minute): At long last, you get to use eyeliner! Make a thin line with a slight upturn across your lash line with liquid eyeliner. Keep it subtle. Now is not the time to try and look like Adele.

Step 9 (30 seconds): Of course you’ll need mascara, so slather it on. If you’re really feeling courageous or find yourself with a bit more time, invest in some fake lashes. Just be sure to carry around your glue in your purse in case of malfunction.


Step 10 (15 seconds): Nothing says classy quite like matte lipstick. Any color ranging from nude to peach will really compliment the eyeshadow and highlighter.

Total time: 6 minutes and 30 seconds

You now have all the tools you need to look amazing, no matter how late you woke up or how many episodes of Netflix you binged on. And of course, no makeup is always an option (you don’t need anything to make you beautiful).

Photos by: Jaida Brinkley

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