Posted on April 7, 2016

Why We Miss the Old Grey’s Anatomy


If you don’t watch “Grey’s Anatomy”, you should seriously get with the times. It’s seriously THE show. It has been on since 2005 and we’ve loved (almost) every second of it, even if we were only in fifth grade when it started. It has been through plenty of ups and downs for sure, but the constant twists and turns just keep you coming back for more. We all love the New Grey’s, but it will never compare to Old Grey’s. Who doesn’t miss George, Christina, McSteamy and (hello) McDreamy. The current season has been especially difficult to handle due to the tragic loss of one of the best characters on the entire show: Derek Shepherd. How does Shonda Rhimes expect us to cope?! Here’s why true Grey’s fans miss Old Grey’s.

The Original Cast

Literally everyone is either dead or peeled out of Seattle a long time ago (And seriously, how could they not? That city is a wasteland for anyone associated with Meredith Grey). Christina is in Switzerland, Burke, Addison and Izzy all left to do bigger and better things. McDreamy, McSteamy, Lexi and George are all…you know (it still hurts to talk about). They were the highlight of each episode. Seeing their smiling (or distraught, depending on the day) faces each Thursday night kept you going until the next week. Losing George, Lexi and McSteamy was heartbreaking, but losing McDreamy felt like we lost a family member.


BFF Scenes

Ever since Christina Yang left in season 10, there has been something missing in Grey’s. No more Christina means no more drunken dancing, sassy comments or BFF scenes, and that just isn’t okay. Christina was a staple character in the show: the passionate lover, the best friend, the powerful woman, the sassy but genius surgeon. Without her, Meredith and the show as a whole just isn’t the same. We love Alex Karev, but only Christina can be Meredith’s “person”.

Perfect relationships,

Derek and Meredith, Izzy and Denny, Christina and Owen, McSteamy and Lexi, Callie and Arizona, we could go on for days. Derek and Meredith were everything. Literally everyone wants a McDreamy. Izzy’s love for Denny melted hearts, Christina and Owen’s passion kept us on our toes, Lexi and McSteamy absolutely ruined relationships forever, and Callie and Arizona just need to get back together. It’s been so long and them getting back together would give the show a glimmer of hope.

Cliff Hangers

Do you remember waiting desperately for the first episode of the new season because the last episode left you emotionally unstable? Lately Grey’s just hasn’t been like that. You get through each episode and you just don’t have that rush of emotion anymore. You watch Grey’s for the thrill and the rollercoaster of emotions, not the passive characters and not-so-interesting drama. Sorry not sorry, Shonda.

Character development…

This one goes out to McSteamy and Alex. We were able to see Alex grow up into a wonderful human being after we all thought he was the “spawn of Satan,” as Izzie named him way back in season one. We saw McSteamy grow a heart and fall for Lexi, even after we all hated him for betraying Derek and ruining a marriage. Characters like these make a show great. Without Mark sauntering around the halls of the hospital and without anymore Alex drama (Jo is seriously his most boring and perfect relationship), there isn’t really anything to look forward to or hope for with any of the characters.

What do you think of how the Grey’s storyline is going? Leave us a comment? 

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