Posted on April 2, 2016

Why We Hate and Love Donald Trump

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We cannot ignore the elephant in the room taking the primaries by storm: Donald Trump. Mr. Trump has surpassed most expectations with his presidential campaign for the 2016 election. Donald Trump is now endorsed by Chris Christy and Ben Carson and has won 18 states out of the 30 within the primaries. Since 1988, every candidate who has won the most states during Super Tuesday has went on to become the party’s nominee, which Trump has. With political scientists and social media users watching the debates with popcorn in hand and conservative pundits rejecting Trump, the country is scrambling with how to handle the bizarre campaign nominee that is Trump. As the presidential election moves forward, the media fuels Trump’s campaign train due to our obsession with entertainment.

Donald Trump is one of the most entertaining presidential candidates we have ever had. He is all over the place. From magazines, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, newspapers, television and everywhere in between, Donald Trump is all the rage. Whether you hate him or love him, that Clint-Eastwood-Derek-Zoolander-esque facial expression follows you everywhere.

Trump’s speeches, actions, ideals etc. catch everyone off guard. Many supporters love the brashness and bluntness that Trump brings to the governmental table, while others believe his policies are terrifying (like his suggestion to implement a “temporary” ban on Muslims). As Trump’s true colors begin to show throughout the election processes with his harsh comments on every topic from women’s rights to religious freedom, many people are wondering: why are we still obsessed with him?

As a society addicted to television and phone screens, we love Trump because he is a reality show in himself. The inflammatory proposals and racially suggestive messages provide the country with dank memes, GIFs, 24-hour news coverage and insane headlines. Donald Trump has become the Kardashian Family of the election (yes, we think he is so outrageous he has to be all of the sisters combined). No matter how much we criticize Kylie’s lips or Trump’s hair, no matter how much we tire from Kim’s eternal selfies or Trump’s outlandish “jokes,” we still watch, follow, like and re-tweet.

Last July, the beginning of all the frenzy, The Huffington Post announced they would publish Trump related stories in the “Entertainment” section, claiming their reasoning was simple: “Trump’s campaign is a sideshow. We won’t take the bait. If you are interested in what The Donald has to say, you’ll find it next to our stories on the Kardashians and The Bachelorette,” Washington Bureau Chief Ryan Grim and Editorial Director Danny Shea stated.

The media certainly has taken the bait. The articles, and compilation videos fuel his campaign. The businessman, television personality and now politician is making extreme strides in the 2016 presidential campaign with the help of social media and the news (which he is known to hate and censor), and the country is all tuning in for the show that is “Keeping Up With Donald Trump”. If you endorse Trump, keep re-tweeting. If you’re like many American’s who hate “The Donald,” well, stop. Trump’s campaign is fueled by attention and the only way to stop his train is to hop off and cease the coal burning flames that is the media.

Photo by: Will Baldwin

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