Posted on March 11, 2016

Spring Break: Expectations vs. Reality


It’s Spring Break! The sun is out, the sky is blue and we are on our way to an entire week to relax and let the stress of student life take its place on the backburner. Constantly on edge, we are always looking forward to any and every day off that we can get. Obviously, this means that we’ve been planning our Spring Breaks since the first day of the fall semester. Unfortunately, the stigma of “spring break” has been played up so much by movies and reality TV, that these next seven days probably won’t reach our sky-high expectations. Behold, #SB2k16 expectations vs. reality:


You really thought you were going to stay on your sleep schedule, didn’t you? You planned on going to bed around midnight every night and waking up at a healthy 9 a.m., right?


You thought wrong. We all know that midnight is slowly but surely going to turn into 4 a.m., and that 10 a.m. alarm is going to be snoozed a good 12 times before you actually wake up.



For the last month, we’ve been denying every edible item that has crossed our paths, making sure that it isn’t going to interfere with our “spring break bods.” After about the second week of doing this, we decided that this wasn’t just a diet, it was a lifestyle change.


Nope. As soon as the week arrives, so does the pizza…and the ice cream…and don’t forget about the late night Whataburger (the true culprit).



Oh, the joys of 75 degree weather, non-stop sun and the cool breeze that keeps us from sweating for the perfect Spring Break!


Yeah right. If you live in Texas like we do, you know about the “summer today, winter tomorrow” personality that the Lone Star State can’t seem to shake. Don’t pack up your winter jackets just yet, the weather here is as unpredictable as the Powerball.


Hanging out with friends

Spring Break is the perfect time to catch up with all your friends back home. You’ve already planned to do something awesome every single day of the break and you probably think it’s going to be as lit as this:

Tbh, you’ll most likely just end up at each other’s houses, watching movies while posting on social media about how much fun you’re having together.



If you’re the typical college student, we’re positive that you’ve had a “Spring Breakers” type of dream for your week away from school that may even be (borderline) “Project X.” However, that’s pretty unrealistic. You think the parties are going to look a little something like this:


But in reality, this is a closer scenario to what’s going down:


On the bright side, any way you spend your Spring Break will top being at school and work for the whole week. Don’t fret—even if you don’t turn up every night or come back with the best tan of your life, you will definitely still have stories to tell. They’ll just be a little more pizza filled.

Photo by: Sarah Schreiner

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