Posted on April 23, 2016

Pros & Cons of Long-Distance Relationships


A 20 mile drive? Manageable. A 1,376 mile monthly plane ride? a little more complicated to handle. Long distance relationships are nothing new. When we think about great love stories, we can’t help but think of elaborate love letters and forbidden Romeo-and-Juliet relationships. However, even though our generation has grown and evolved into a more liberal community, we seem to be more accepting of those old complicated romances, yet so skeptical of modern relationships today, especially those plagued by distance.

We know we all have a little place in our hearts for the passionate love between Noah and Allie in “The Notebook”, where being apart for seven years was only encouragement for them to somehow find a way back to each other. Think about it, would you patiently wait on someone for seven years? (Actually, you might if you were to find your way back into Ryan Gosling’s arms.)

But on a more serious note, why is it so difficult to believe that couples dating and living miles away couldn’t be possible? Maybe it’s because we’ve been taught that there is just one way to have a relationship. With technology, having a long-distance relationship is easier than ever. But there are people that love tradition and will stick with tradition until the end. It’s all about perspective and looking at the pros and cons of the situation.



The most essential requirement for a long-distance relationship is trust. Without it, you may as well not go through with it. A great thing about this is that you will develop a deeper trust on your significant other because you have to.

Quality time

When the time you can see each other is very limited, as a couple you make every single get together special more than traditional couples would. You learn to appreciate the time spent together even more. It makes it more about quality, rather that quantity.

No falling back on routine

Doing the same things every day may get a little repetitive. Living far away can change that around. You will always find new things to try, new places to go and you could even meet in an entirely different places and have new experiences.


Space is a good thing. Being with someone 24/7 can be overwhelming. It’s only natural wanting your own space. Living in different places allows the perfect balance between having a space of your own and still enjoy sharing that space with your special someone from time to time.


Growing apart (It’s a possibility)

Having a little space can turn into a little too much. First it starts by enjoying the time apart. Before you know it, you may be drifting away from the relationship without realizing it.

No intimacy

An important aspect of any relationship is the physical part. The physical interaction is something your phone will never replace. Without being able to be together for so long, it has to somehow affect the relationship.

Money, money, money

Buying plane tickets every weekend will eventually affect your wallet. It can be expensive to maintain a long-distance relationship. Traveling back and forward costs money. There are ways to get cheap tickets but in the end, it adds up.


Yes, trust is also a con. Distance can also hurt trust, and we know speculation leads to imagination most of the time. With the distance also comes the unknown and loss of control, which can also hurt the relationship.

Now that you know both sides of the argument, it’s your choice to decide which one works better with your style, personality and relationship dynamic. Keep in mind that we live in a different time. With time comes change. Is it time we reconsider our opinion of what relationships should be?

Photo by: Zuri Bradley

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