Posted on April 14, 2016

Presidential Candidates Styled The Risq Way


As the presidential race heats up, issues from immigration to environmental sustainability to women’s rights have all gripped America and the world in interest. Yet, memes about Mr. Donald Trump, a bird that got a standing ovation at a Bernie rally, and Hillary kickin’ it on SNL bring lighthearted fun to the election and help us work through how stressed we all are about it (face it, we can’t deny Trump as a real candidate anymore). In early March, Beyoncé’s stylist, Ty Hunter, participated in the fun side of the presidential election along with the masses. In a video with Nylon, Hunter created looks for the candidates, from a runway event to a casual weekend. In a patriotic spirit, we decided to take a turn at dressing the candidates, Cruz, Trump, Kasich, Bernie and Hillary, to give them a Risq-y element to their ensembles.

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Hunter describes how he would dress each candidate for a runway event and the weekend, and we’ve gone the same direction. For Clinton at a runway, we would dress her in a classic Diane Von Furstenburg wrap dress in a purple or blue to accentuate her eyes and blonde hair. With this simple dress we would pair rose gold Sergio Rossi pumps, a small, simple rose gold Givenchy Crocodile clutch and a mixture of metallics by adding simple, dangling sterling silver Ori earrings. By taking her out of her pantsuits, like Hunter suggested, and putting Clinton in a modest and classic dress, this would “shock the world” and portray her as a confident and strong woman** ready to run America.

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For the next Democratic candidate, Bernie Sanders, we would dress the Bern for a runway event in a simple, clean cut, black Dolce & Gabbana suit with a cotton white dress shirt, a blue and black-striped Burberry silk tie, black Brogue dress shoes and a simple watch. By taking Bernie from his large, modest suits to a sharp black and blue matched outfit, he would show the world his more immaculate side while keeping the simplicity that he is known for.

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Now to the Republican candidates. To illustrate Kasich’s personality, we would dress him in a gray plaid Paul Smith suit paired with his classic light blue dress shirt, a dark blue bow tie and simple black loafers. With the uniqueness of the plaid suit and bow tie, Kasich’s ensemble would demonstrate the fun-loving side of him. And who doesn’t love a good bow tie? Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 10.56.14 AM

For Republican candidate Ted Cruz, unlike Hunter who expresses that Cruz would not be even at a runway event due to his disorderly dress, we would help dress him in a navy blue Polo suit to illustrate his preppy collegiate personality while making sure he’s fit to mingle with Anna Wintour. We would pair the suit with a light blue polka-dot tie and a white dress shirt and tie everything together with navy blue Ted Baker suit pants, and brown, round-toed leather Prada loafers. With this classic preppy ensemble Ted Cruz would look sharp and friendly and would definitely, totally 100 percent not look like the Zodiac Killer.

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 10.55.41 AM

Last but certainly not least, Mr. Donald Trump. To accentuate his tan (or is it Cheeto dust?), his blue eyes, his hair and his wealth, we decided to dress him in a gray Givenchy suit, an Armani black dress shirt and a black tie to add a monochromatic effect and highlight his features. We would also pair the suit with a dusty black Magnanni dress shoe with buckles to give the Donald the tough guy edge he aspires to portray. We would also slip on the Diesel gold and black watch to illustrate his wealth, because Lord knows he never lets anyone forget he once received a small loan of $1 million.

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In the video with Nylon, Hunter also expresses his styling of the candidates weekend wear. For Clinton’s casual outfit we would dress her in a button down denim shirt and a graphic sweatshirt to layer with, coupled with casual khakis and clean white Nikes. For accessories we would also pair her casual classy outfit with rose gold studs, and rose gold and silver bracelets to add sparkle to her ensemble. With the mixture of casual and classic in this look, Hillary will portray a youthful side to win over the millennial and younger crowd, while still maintaining her OG supporters’ love. 

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 10.57.02 AM copy

During a weekend with Sanders [in which we’d probably go camping or volunteer at a soup kitchen] we would dress him in a casual blue and white plaid button down with tan trousers, classic gray/green Converse high tops, a faded brown belt, and a New York Yankee’s hat to represent his hometown of Brooklyn. Through this ensemble Sanders would embrace his humble and honest side while keeping in touch with his millennial supporters.

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 10.57.15 AM copy

 To again bring out John Kasich’s fun side we would pair a light washed Levi’s denim button down, an artistic gray and black American flag tank top, black straight jeans, Aldo boots, and aviator sunglasses to bring in a Top Gun feel. This patriotic, youthful look would make Americans look twice at Kasich and think on his platform during elections.

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 10.57.36 AM copy

For Ted Cruz’s look, we would emphasize his Texas preppy style, by paring a gray knitted cardigan, a white polo, purple cotton trousers, black faux leather cowboy booties, and an Armani watch. With the mixture of preppy elements and western wear, Ted Cruz’s ensemble would portray his loud character and his love for America.

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 10.57.48 AM copy

For the last Republican candidate we would dress Donald Trump very casually in a graphic t-shirt about peace, preppy navy blue shorts, blue and brown Sperry’s, a wallet full of cash, a “Make America Great (or decent, with any luck) Again” hat, and some Aviators to portray a rich, successful, honest and patriotic man.

Inspired by Ty Hunter, we styled the candidates in looks that would accentuate their positive features and their aspiring portrayals of themselves to the constituents. We tried to help the candidates embrace their Risq-y side with these ensembles as well. Perhaps as the race goes on, we will see Trump in monochromatic suits, Bernie in high-tops, and Hillary in a wrap dress. Or at least in Ty Hunter’s ensembles.

**Editor’s note: this does not imply we believe dresses are needed to create/portray strong, confident women. We’re honestly just really tired of her monochromatic pantsuits blinding us. Exerting power doesn’t always mean dressing like Crayola markers.**

Photo courtesy of Vogue

Outfits courtesy of Polyvore

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