Posted on April 18, 2016

Our Risqy Favorite: Seth The Band


Progressing from weekend jam sessions five years ago to bouncing from one band to another, the contemporary rock inspired band, Seth, has emerged on the Denton music scene. Between bro hugs, Taco Bell runs and beard jokes, lead vocalist and guitarist Carter Lacy and drummer Marcus Lutz recently formed this two-person band. We sat down with the local band to discover their inspiration, best (and worst) memories and future goals.

Separated and reunited as if they were star-crossed lovers destined to create masterful melodies, Seth “started out as a necessity,” Lutz explains. “As we had a gig booked and it was only the two of us…so we kind of had to make it up on the spot.” Due to the positive response of listeners, they kept “running with it.”

Lacy also mentioned a mutual friend, Dominik Kozacek, helped them “jam” and “get a song or two started up.” He goes on to say without him they “wouldn’t exist today.”

Rooted in classic and contemporary rock with a twist of experimental elements, Seth has developed a sound distinctive and their own.

Lacy says “Seth’s sound is unique, something [they take a lot] of pride in.” He continued to say that they are just making songs for people to “have a fun time listening to” and “the minute it stops becoming fun, then [Seth has] diminished entirely.

Lacy described his inspiration for writing songs with an admiration for the audience and the drummer, Lutz.

“Whenever I write riffs for Seth songs, I try to imagine myself as the listener, and I think about whether I’d enjoy listening to the song on repeat.” he said.  He, of course takes inspiration from what he considers successful songs, but all in all his main focuses are writing songs for what “makes the foot tap” and “having Marcus as a drummer to make the songs that much more killer doesn’t hurt either.”

The bromance continued to flourish throughout the interview, as Lacy noted the advantages and disadvantages of having a two-piece band.

“It’s easier to have some elements of improvisation in our live shows because there are less people that need to be on the same page,” Lutz stated. He went on to say that it is easier to get a “much tighter sound since we can sync up easily.” However, there are some trials in creating a variety of sound, or “three-dimensional” sound, Lutz claims, yet Seth seems to surprise their audience by what they can accomplish with just the two of them.

As we continued to speak, the boys of Seth let out their personal sides. Each began to comment on each other’s best features (physical, internal, emotional…you get it). Carter said Marcus’s best feature would be his beard, “but that’s just too obvious,” because “it’s his staple.” He also mentioned his “drop-dead sexy sense of fashion and his love for Taco Bell.” Marcus also commented on his bandmate’s features, saying Carter’s best was his sense of humor and his “dank memes on Twitter.”

The boys of Seth went on to talk about their best and worst memories. Marcus stated that his favorite memory of his time playing in Seth was their first gig together.

“We played really well and everyone was very supportive of us,” he said. Although his worst experience would be “when Carter overslept and was over an hour late.”

Lacy stated that his best memory was their first gig as well.

“The cheers of the crowd when we played our banger ‘No One Else’ was just insane,” he expalined His worst memory was during the interview, when Marcus reminded him of the time he overslept, because he still felt bad. (Don’t worry, they still love each other.)

As they reminisced on their past, Seth began to dream of the future. “I’d really like Seth’s music to reach as many people as possible,” Lutz states. “So far,” he continued, “ everyone has seemed to be impressed and surprised by what is possible with only two people in a band can accomplish.” As time goes on, he hopes that Seth will still creating music for whoever wants to hear it and just continuing to “do their own thing.”

Lacy also commented on the future of Seth, focusing on the fun aspects of making music. He claimed he would like Seth to be just about having fun.

“Of course we’d love to make careers out of this…I think we have real potential” but if it stops becoming fun, he went on to say, then the point of Seth has ended. As far as where he sees Seth in going in the future, Lacy states, “If our music hasn’t successfully exploded the minds of every human to grace the planet or hasn’t successfully pulled off the rapture because our songs are too amazing to process, then we’ve failed, honestly.”

As we began to call it a wrap, the boys of Seth left us with a few wise words. “Thanks for reading up on us,” Lacy stated and went on to say, “I am single and ready to jingle. Follow us on Twitter for updates, and vote for Bernie.” Lutz replied with a simple, “Same, minus the single part.”

Besides their bromance, passion for their audience and music in general, Seth has brought a new experimental sound to the North Texas music scene. If you love this dynamic, Taco Bell-loving duo as much as we do, you can see their headlining show at 7:30 on April 22nd at the Liquid Lounge in Dallas to help cure cystic fibrosis with $10 tickets and listen to other fantastic local bands. You can also follow Seth on Twitter and listen to their songs on SoundCloud.

Photo by: Huy Tran

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