Posted on February 7, 2016

It’s the Thought That Counts: A V-Day Gift Guide


With the holidays still a fresh wound for our pockets, the past four months have been stressful, obnoxious and definitely the reason bank accounts across the country have been at an all time low. As soon as we finally reached our goal of getting back on track after the holiday season, the little pink devil (or Cupid, as some might say) decided it was a good idea to pop right up and test our love for others.

Valentine’s Day rings in on a Sunday this year, which is perfect timing for an entire weekend full of special time with your special someone or your special no one (to each their own). However, the most important part of V-Day is making sure that you get the perfect gift for your other half. If you don’t have any idea what to get them for the most love-ly holiday (pun definitely intended), look no further. These gifts are perfect for whether you are buying for a boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend or even yourself.

Let’s start off simple:


Now, this doesn’t mean you have to go out and find the biggest box of chocolates or the cute heart-shaped candies that taste like chalk. Remember all that candy you smuggled under your bed from Halloween? What about the candy that was leftover from your Christmas stocking? Sure, the packaging may not be pink and red with hearts and kisses, but with the work of a few sharpies, you ultimately will get the same result without spending any money!

2. Jewelry

Girls love jewelry. Guys love jewelry. Grandmas also love jewelry. When it comes to buying jewelry, the bigger the better (like Texas). No one is going to want a dainty necklace that could easily go unnoticed. You want to make sure that they are able to show off your love for them. It’s safe to go with a large pendant with YOUR initials on it. You want to claim what’s yours. Don’t worry about spending thousands of dollars on the newest diamond creation from a popular jeweler. Go for a more practical approach, such as the clearance section of your favorite party store. Let’s face it, everyone loves dollar sign necklaces (especially the ones that light up).

3. Toiletries

Nah, not like toilet paper or shampoo (however those are necessities for survival). We’re talking perfume, cologne, breath spray, toothpaste and maybe even some deodorant. You want your date to smell good, right? Not all people understand the importance of hygiene, so what better idea is there than to personally let them know? Make sure you choose a scent that is unique and that only you like because you are the only one who needs to enjoy how they smell.

4. Cooking supplies

This one is for all of our lazy folks who want to avoid the restaurant rush of Valentine’s Day evening. Hey guys, what better way to tell your girl that you love her than buying her a brand new frying pan and some groceries? Because men aren’t supposed to cook, and she should be in love with the kitchen almost as much as she’s in love with you. Maybe even throw in some groceries for a more exciting night.

5. But basically, anything red, pink or heart-shaped will work

You could even go through a grocery store and pick up some ketchup, a box of pink band-aids and an empty card that has a heart on the front (don’t even fill it out if you don’t want to). It’s all about the ~aesthetic~ of the event. Go big or go home.

If none of these ideas helped you woo your special Valentine’s date, you’re either lying or you didn’t follow through correctly, it’s as simple as that. After all, it’s the thought that counts, right?

Photo by: Michael Shuey

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