Posted on April 30, 2016

I Tweeted Like Kanye For A Week (And Learned Something In The Process)


Kanye isn’t all that hard to figure out, when you really look at who you’re dealing with. Using a social media platform to get to know someone isn’t a better option, but for sake of what I was going for, it was all I had to gage everyone’s favorite problematic rapper. Or is he problematic at all?

Kanye is the epitome of “IDGAF,” and you really have to understand what that means. Kanye is willing to bare it all, simply because he feels like it that day. There’s no more thought or reasoning behind it. It comes to his mind, he says (tweets) it, and continues on as if nothing ever happened. Some days, he’s passionately ranting on about art and fashion. Some days he’s talking about furniture (he talks about furniture a lot, actually), and other days he wants to motivate his fans. It didn’t take long to realize that Kanye does, tweets, and lives how he wants to and the majority of us get pissed for it. Really not his problem, to be completely honest.

To make it simple, Kanye’s online presence is like watching a baby deer walk for the first time. It’s wobbly and insecure in the steps it’s taking. There’s a level of preciousness to it. Enough to make you go “aww,” and tell all your friends to snapchat the moment, because what’s life without a good story on snapchat? That baby deer has your attention by simply doing what it feels it has to. Kanye is living, and we’re just trying to make sense of all of it.

Music and personal feelings aside, this was a joke turned actuals study that had to be taken seriously. I mean, I was analyzing Kanye’s twitter enough material to be comical with a few lyrics. Maybe get a mention from a Kardashian and live out my days being twitter famous. It became deeper than that. Kanye became deeper than that. I tried it my way anyway.

At first, I figured that using his lyrics to antagonize others would suffice. Let’s face it, everyone knows either a Kanye quote or lyric.

2016-04-03 04.31.21

Aside from the obvious legal trouble that I could get into for harassing potential presidential candidates (Let’s not even get into that conversation. Donald Trump? Really?) I figured then that maybe I should just recreate his more obscure, random tweets. That’s what twitter is all about, right? Just typing out whatever comes to mind. Eventually, my adventure lead me down an odd road about furniture.

2016-04-11 06.08.55

And preferred fonts.

2016-04-11 06.09.09

And retweets just for the occasion. Like any good experiment, you really have to dig deep and put it all out there for the best results. To try and capture his character, I took some of his more recent tweets, and updated them to my liking.

2016-04-03 04.32.01

(A personal touch is always important)

2016-04-03 04.31.40

I realized as much as I wanted to just take Kanye’s moments and spoof them all for the sake of a laugh, I couldn’t bring myself to that point. First, that may be considered defamation, in which case my days as a journalist are doomed before I have a chance to interview Oprah (fingers crossed). Deep down, under all the controversy and opinions tossed around about him on a consistent basis, he’s still a human. To an extent, still figuring it out like the rest of us. Of course, a lot more money and a lot more Taylor Swift fans are in his equation.

When it came down to it, I didn’t want to fault the guy for being human. We don’t have another Kanye, honestly. There’s no PR or friendly promotions about his music. What we have his is a person living truly out loud, and that in itself is to be respected. Add on the layers of fame, media, and Kardashians, and it’s no wonder why Kanye snaps. I was a fan of his music, but in trying to emulate Kanye, he won me over by tweeting about taxes.

2016-04-11 06.15.26

Go figure.

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