Posted on February 19, 2016

Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder: Having a Long-Distance Sibling


If you have a brother or sister, you must understand the struggle of sibling rivalry. It may not affect some as much as others, but it is always there. Having a partner-in-crime at your side every time you turn around can be fun, but also irritating. As a sibling, you always hear, “It gets better when you two grow up!” after crying because you and your brother fight so much and you hate him because of that one time he punched you because you told on him for accidentally calling 911. As annoying as that was to hear, it’s actually true. “Distance makes the heart grow fonder,” can be used for even the most agitating of siblings. However, living away from your brother/sister definitely has its perks:

No more sharing

Finally! You can buy your own bathroom products and you don’t have to worry about using an entire bottle of shampoo in two weeks because YOU are the only one using it. There is nothing more irritating than going to brush your teeth and not being able to find the toothpaste because they decided it was theirs too.

No more chauffeuring

Whether your sibling is older or younger than you, there are always those times when you have to drive and they have the audacity to sit in your passenger seat and criticize your music. Sorry, but you made me drive. This is MY car, therefore, MY aux cord and I will play MY  music.

No more chores

Now this one is a huge perk of simply not living at home. Doing chores with a sibling is so much worse than doing chores by yourself. Now you can clean your own space without someone constantly following you around saying that you “missed a spot” after they clearly spilled more food on the counter right after you wiped it down. Also, there is no more fighting over who got more chores than the other. After all those years of throwing a fit because they have to clean the bathroom, do the dishes and vacuum the whole house while you just have to dust? They get to be home with Mom and Dad AND do all the chores…alone. Who’s the winner now?

And most importantly:


We all have that sibling that tells on you for absolutely everything. You can’t even buy a pack of Oreos when your mom sends you two to the store with a list and tells you not to buy anything extra without it being the first thing out of your sibling’s mouth when you get home. You can finally leave and come home whenever you want without your sibling waiting up for you so they can tell your mom how late your were first. thing. in the morning. Sure, we do open up to our siblings, and we tend to both tell each other secrets, but as soon as one of you makes the other mad, anything is up for blackmail. “Don’t tell mom,” no longer has the same effects as it did when you were ten.

All complaints aside, living apart from your siblings can be hard. We don’t want to admit it, but we do love them. They are people we can always confide in and trust. If anything ever went wrong, they would be the first ones to the rescue. You share memories and a bond that no one else will ever understand, not even your parents. Sure, all the fighting, screaming, crying and punching is long gone, but deep down, you know all of that was worth it when you can actually hang out and thoroughly enjoy spending time with not only your brother or sister, but your best friend.

Photo provided by: Sarah Schreiner

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