Posted on January 24, 2016

Can We Talk About 2015?


2015 was an eventful year (which is a complete understatement), and that means a recap is in order. We witnessed so many viral trends and unexpected events that it is hard to imagine what will happen this year. You could even go so far to say that last year was the best one yet. For some, that applies, but we have our ups and downs. Let’s work our way backwards, shall we?

Tongue-Tied Or Publicity Stunt?

Speaking of expectations, you would think that having well-known game show host Steve Harvey announce the new Miss Universe 2015 would be flawlessly executed, but the unthinkable happened. Harvey had a mishap and announced the wrong country for Miss Universe. Some say it was intentional so the beauty pageant would become relevant again. Miss Universe, in the eyes of some, is seen as sexist and distasteful, pinning women against each other based on the glitz and glam until one rises as victorious. Others just view it as a simple miscommunication, but all-in-all, it was one hell of a night to say the least.

All Hail Queen Adele

Obviously we can’t just skip Adele (How are you? Are you okay? We were all wondering when you were going to emerge from the shadows). The talented singer released her third studio album 25 in mid-November, following the single “Hello” that hit iTunes in late October. Since then, her single has been taking over radios across the states. The dark soothing piano entrance lures us into beautiful vocals produced by only Adele herself. Striking emotions with well-written lyrics, Adele leaves us with a cliff-hanger— did they ever redeem their relationship? Was all the effort worth the time invested? We see great things happening for the British singer/songwriter in 2016 (as if we expected anything else, tbh).

Bye, Felicia 
While we are talking about things moving onto 2016, why don’t we think about the stuff that should stay in 2015? Let’s talk about these small transportation devices everyone has been using—hoverboards. What even is a hoverboard? The Chinese-manufactured product went viral mid-August before school started. There is no specific name for these devices other than “hoverboard”, and this probably wasn’t what Marty McFly had in mind when he traveled to the future. Think of it as a mini-segway, but without the handle bars. Using sensors pads, the general idea is to lean forward and use your weight to guide yourself in any given direction. While the thought of the hoverboard is nice, the reality of it is disappointing. Why pay over $300 to move just a tad faster than a normal walking pace? Most people see it as a silly, expensive trend. Hopefully this is just a fad that will die out soon with the beginning of the new year.


Diving into a more serious matter, the legalization of same-sex marriage across all 50 states was an event in history no one will ever forget. On June 26th, 2015, the Supreme Court ruling for Obergefell v. Hoges case was 5-4 in favor of legalizing same-sex marriage. A long, drawn-out battle had finally reached its end. The news flooded the nation and all social media outlets and basically broke the internet (Sorry, Kim K). Signifying the victory, the hashtag #LoveWins was plastered all over Twitter. Seriously, what a time to be alive.

The Debate to End All Debates

Let’s finish off with this question: Blue/Black or White/Gold? If you have any form of social media, or even a TV, you probably know where this is going. Back in February of 2015, we were introduced to a new viral phenomenon: The Dress. What’s the big deal you ask? The mother of a soon-to-be bride was searching for an outfit for the special day when a disagreement broke out about the color of the dress in question. Immediately, the bride posted a picture on Facebook asking for the help of her friends to settle the dispute. To their surprise, her Facebook friends couldn’t agree on a consensus. About a day after the initial post, the picture went quickly viral on Facebook and Twitter. The hashtags #blueandblack and #whiteandgold flooded the timelines of anyone with a Twitter account. The dress even found itself a segment on several news channels.

The science behind it was simple: have you ever seen that picture of a rabbit that, when viewed at certain angle, could also possibly be a duck? It’s the same logic: the way we look at things could be different for others. It also has to do with lighting in the picture taken. Some see the black as gold, and blue as white and vice-versa. Even though this was almost a year ago, it looks like won’t reach an agreement until hell freezes over.

Needless to say, it was an eventful year. What was your favorite moment of 2015? Tell us in the comments!

Photo courtesy of: Public Discourse

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