Posted on April 27, 2016

9 Times Single People Hated People In Relationships


We know we are never satisfied with what we have. How many times have you been in a relationship and missed your free, single days? Or how many times have you been single and wished you were in a relationship? I know I have, we all have. Somewhere along the road, singles and couples developed some kind of rivalry.

It’s always fun to start dating someone and have that rush, those butterflies in your stomach and fireworks between you and your beau. However, the single party (those on the outside of the love nest) have to deal every single day with the fact that their only relationship is with Netflix and a bottle of wine. And that, my friends, is where the resentment begins. But it won’t stop there. There’s nothing better to improve your upsetting relationship status than perfect couples robbing their happiness in your face.

1. On Valentine’s Day

Nothing like flowers, chocolates and chick flicks streaming on TV to make you feel better about your non-existing bae.

2. When your best friends start dating

This is considered a major betrayal. Aren’t best friends supposed to be miserable together until the end?

3. Family reunions

Don’t you just love that all-too-familiar interrogation from your family while dining? Where you have to tell in detail why you don’t have a boyfriend/girlfriend and how you probably will end up owning 27 cats? Same.

4. When you’re checking social media

#SoInlove, #DateNight, #ManCrushMonday. Our hastag? #GetOverIt.

5. At fancy restaurants

Going to fancy restaurants feels good for a change. Oh, there’s a couple drinking  from the same milkshake across the room? Check please!

6. At a party where most of the people are not single

There’s no better feeling than when your turn-up song plays at a party. Then you realize that everybody is dancing with their significant other, and it’s prom all over again.


7. When mom calls

“Mom, I’m happy being by myself.” A statement moms will never understand.

8. When you go to weddings

No date for this weekend’s wedding? Bring your #squad and steal the show.

9. Every time you remember you’re single

That was a good one, life. Now send me Ryan Gosling as we agreed.

It’s okay, we understand the struggle. There’s nothing wrong with being single, and you definitely don’t need an S/O to validate you. But sometimes, being single gets old. Have hope, my friends. We probably wont stay single forever, right?

Photo by: Will Baldwin

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