Posted on March 24, 2016

5 People You Want to Get Stuck in an Elevator With


Childhood phobias are the worst. You would think they would stay where they belong; in our childhood. Nevertheless, most of our fears follow us into adulthood and they’re there to stay. We are not here to talk about snakes, sleeping with the light on, or even the popular clown phobia. We are here to talk about a classic: the fear of getting stuck in an elevator, which could also be referred to as Claustrophobia – the fear of confinement.

Recently, our beautiful Hollywood star Selena Gomez went through this unpleasant situation at London Fashion Week. Luckily she and her crew maintained calm and got out of there as soon as they could. Although everything turned out great for our lucky actress, doesn’t it make you think how you would react in that same exact situation? Imagine if you’re not as fortunate as Selena and you have to spend hours locked up in that little space. Company is essential in these out-of-the-ordinary situation. Who would you wanted to spend those long hours standing right next to you? Although you may find them not your usual choice, you will find the next five people to be the perfect company for this unfortunate event.

Your Crush.

C’mon, this is like everyone’s dream you guys. Who wouldn’t want to get stuck in an elevator with their secret love? If you are afraid this will ever happen to you, trust us, having your crush there will make everything better. Take it as an opportunity to make a move. After all, you are both in this together, so you might as well initiate an innocent conversation while you wait for help.  Just don’t panic and enjoy this gift you’ve been given.

A Yoga Teacher.

If you’re the kind of people that explode in a huge combination of panic and nerves, there is no better person to get you to relax than the most relaxing people in the world; those who teach yoga. Losing your calm may happen, but not to worry, these people are pros. Before you know it you will be levitating and mumbling some exotic mantra sounding like a fluent Russian speaker. But seriously, one way or another you will find your happy place.

A Fireman.

Claustrophobia can make people do crazy things. If you really would hate to be put in this situation, don’t worry! Help is right next to you. We are not talking about the yellow button you push and wait quietly for help, we mean a real life fireman. If you’re feeling you’re about to pass out if you don’t get out of those four confined walls, what better company than a fireman. Luckily, he will get you out of there before you can scream “HELP!” A plus to all of this is that if you’ve seen the show Chicago Fire, you know you may get a very handsome hero at your service – who you can thank later with a cup of coffee.

Your Favorite Comedian.

If your issue is the waiting part, and you actually don’t mind getting trapped in that giant metal box in the first place then at least you wouldn’t be bored. From one joke to another, time will fly. Laughter is the best medicine. Who knows? You might even get tickets for his/her next presentation.

Your best friend.

This may be the first person you would really want to get stuck in an elevator with. Think about it, for better or for worst you will find a way to turn it into a fun experience, that’s what best friends are for, to find the best of bad situations. To be honest, you will probably Snapchat that whole experience while cracking up, and make it into a hell of good story to tell everyone when you get out.

No matter who you get stuck in these rough scenarios with, the important thing is to be optimistic and realize you may be laughing in an hour or two. Now think, who do you think is the best company for your elevator adventure?

Photo by: Jaida Brinkley

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