About Us

Welcome to the Risq family.

RisqMagazine is an online media platform written by UNT students, for UNT students. We are dedicated to recognizing and supporting the interests of the student community by covering a variety of topics, including fashion and beauty, lifestyle, student life and entertainment. Our mission is to enrich the UNT student body by providing a diverse form of media that accurately represents a wide array of topics that appeal to our audience.RISQICON2 (2)

Risq has something for everybody. We take inspiration from other digital media publications such as Buzzfeed, Bustle and Refinery29. In addition to producing news stories and articles relating to campus culture and local events, we also cover topics ranging from fashion to music to sports to politics to health, and everything in between. Our readers can expect opinion pieces, satirical articles, gifs and listicles, hard news stories, unique photography styles and special interest, long-term projects created directly by our staff. We stand out because we are not only an “all seeing eye,” keeping up-to-date on campus events, but the relationship with our readers follows an integrative atmosphere. The readers are our peers, not just the audience. The goal is to create conversation and interact with the students, while giving them something to think about, to laugh about and to share.

We’re so excited to share this experience with you.

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